• EPiC

    Every Person Inspired to Create


    Empower Creativity - Equip Students - Engage Communities


    Empower Creativity
    EPiC provides a learning environment where students discover, embrace, and integrate authentic learning experiences to create and design real-world applications of their knowledge.

    Equip Students
    EPiC provides a learning environment through a personalized education where students become collaborators, critical and creative thinkers, and communicators.

    Engage Communities
    EPiC provides a learning environment where students, families, educators, and experts are fully engaged in authentic learning experiences designed to inspire kids.


    Student Outcomes 

    Produce authentic work and showcase their learning      
    Learn at a personalized pace while acquiring key academic and social skills
    Identify, propose, and defend solutions to real world issues  
    Work independently and in teams to accomplish goals
    Engage in a collaborative culture to impact the larger community

    EPiC Learning Lab Goals

     Represent our Community
    EPiC student enrollment will represent the Liberty Public School community.

    Connect with our Community
    EPiC students will partner with the community through meaningful relationships.

    Responsiveness and Refinement
    EPiC will continuously refine and adapt its practices to foster ongoing innovation.

    Replicable Operations
    EPiC will operate efficiently and achieve fiscal responsibility.




    Apple. Google. Dropbox. Netflix. Twitter. Innovative companies that have transformed our culture. Creativity will drive the economics of the future, but where in our current educational system do we actually allow the time and space for creativity? When you walk into a classroom can you see a difference between the 1980’s and today’s classroom?  Are students “dialing down” when they enter school? And if creativity really is the driver of the economy, what skills do our students need to be successful? In the spring of 2013, Liberty Public Schools began exploring these questions and more, resulting in a 20/20 Vision Innovations Team, comprised of administrators, teachers, parents, and board members.

    As we started to seek answers to these questions, we crossed the country and visited highly successful, innovative schools. We tapped into experts, read research and investigated different school models, ultimately discovering effective environments that empowered students to learn. Real tools. Authentic audiences. Projects with meaning. Personalized learning. As our team began to assimilate what we had learned, we posed the questions, “How could we reimagine education for our students in Liberty? How could we step outside the box and incorporate our new learning to create a different kind of school?

    "Every Person Inspired to Create, hence the acronym EPiC, was born. EPiC is not just a school, but rather an idea, a philosophy, a journey for every person. So what does that look like in a school? How will we infuse this idea into each and every day? We believe that children learn in different ways and at different paces. Moreover, we also believe it is essential that all our students are engaged at a deep level of learning. And we know that learning becomes real when students are able to take their learning beyond the classroom walls and engage with parents and community experts.

    So then how do we empower and equip students for the evolving, global economy and design a program that is Every Person Inspired to Create? How are we going to make sure students learn the necessary skills to prepare them for life beyond school?

    Curiosity sparks passion and creativity. EPiC re-imagines education by encouraging the in-depth exploration of topics as students participate in the adventures of learning. Our students will apply their new knowledge by creating and exhibiting their own learning to multiple audiences. Daily personalized learning will be the key--students learning at their own level, leveraging the power of quality adaptive technology platforms. Through project-based learning and dynamic teacher instruction, EPiC students will explore real challenges and create solutions and share in front of authentic audiences.  

    We are excited to bring to life our vision.