Real World Learning

  • Students are better prepared for learning and work

    Through Real World Learning, we are equipping our learners and communities to thrive in a rapidly
    changing, increasingly connected and complex world. Our K-12 initiative is empowering districts of all
    sizes, from the many diverse communities that comprise our region, to engage in learning, working,
    and being accountable together toward A COMMON GOAL:

    By 2030, all high school students across our region
    graduate with market value assets and a diploma,
    preparing them for future work and learning.

    Employers play an essential role

    A critical ingredient to A THRIVING REGIONAL ECONOMY is a ready supply of diverse, skilled talent.
    Kansas City employers play a key role in creating access to quality experiences that allow students to
    see how their interests, aptitudes, and skills connect to local work opportunities. Employers can get
    involved in Real World Learning in a variety of ways that make sense for them, providing students with
    hands-on, authentic problem-solving experiences and connections to professional resources. 

    Help develop future regional talent

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