• Star Habits
    Shoal Creek Star Habits

    Balance Brody

    • I take care of my mind, body, and soul.
    • I get my work done and have fun.
    • I take time to do what I’m passionate about.
    • I spend time with family and friends.
    • I make healthy choices.

    Curiosity Carly

    • I ask questions about things I don’t know.
    • I work to find answers.
    • I use my interests to help learn new things.
    • I investigate to learn new things.
    • I explore how things work.

    Perseverance Pete

    • I am determined and try my best.
    • I don’t give up, even when it’s hard.
    • I have a growth mindset.
    • I can be in the Learning Pit and get out.
    • I try different ways to solve a problem.
  • Cooperation Cami and Cody

    • I work together with others to create.
    • I respect other people’s ideas.
    • I use the strengths of others.
    • I share ideas with others.
    • I listen to others’ ideas.

    Empathy Ellie

    • I am kind to others.
    • I appreciate others' differences.
    • I try to see others' perspectives.
    • I assume the best in others.
    • I think about how others feel.

    Positivity Paige

    • I have a good attitude.
    • I am helpful to others.
    • I am a bucket filler.
    • I say kind words.
    • I make people feel good.

    Reflective Ronny

    • I know what needs to get done.
    • I think about my learning.
    • I can put first things first.
    • I can set goals to improve.
    • I know what to do, when I don’t know what to do.