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  •  **Updated May 6, 2020**

    PLTW Biomedical Innovation Class - Student Research and Design Solutions to a Problem of Interest  
    In the spring, The Kansas City Stem Alliance hosts a Capstone Competition for the Greater Kansas City area where students can enter their projects into three different categories and present them to judges who are specialists in that particular field of science. Due to Covid-19, the event looked a little different this year, but the students were able to present their projects virtually.  

    Three Categories:

    1. Biomedical Research and Design (Placed top 10 out of 164 teams)

              Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Blood Screening by:

              Cole Hadley
               Yahya Ahmed

    1. Biomedical Engineering Design (Placed 7th out of 95 Teams)

              Early Detection of Ectopic Pregnancies by:

              Abby Wagner
               Sage Lagud
               Jillian Shepard    

    1. Innovation Design Award (Placed top 8 out of 77 teams)

              The Effect of CRISPR-Cas12b Genome Editing on the CCR5-Δ32 Mutation By:

              Elizabeth Simcoe
               Tyler Petty

              Early Detection of Ectopic Pregnancies by:

              Abby Wagner
               Sage Lagud
               Jillian Shepard      


    Several LPS students competed in the 2020 Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair, held virtually this spring.  Many top finishes were turned in, and complete results can be viewed by clicking here.
    Educators Rising is a national organization that inspires and encourages future teachers and leaders. On March 4th, 15 students from Liberty North and 2 students from Liberty High School attended the state competition at the University of Missouri. All 15 Liberty North Students earned medals and a chance to compete in the national competition in Washington D.C. 
    Following, is a list of winners from Liberty North:
    Grace Bellman--1st place in Creative Lecture (TED Talk presentation)
    Faith Covey--3rd place in Creative Lecture (TED Talk presentation)
    Makayla Armstead--2nd place in Educator Rising Moment
    Makayla Armstead and Ella Pritchett--1st place in Researching Learning Challenges
    Shelby Whitley--5th place in Exploring Non-Core Teaching Careers
    Siara Schweiger--2nd place in Exploring Administrative Careers and 3rd place in Teaching an Impromptu Lesson
    Allison Swearingin--2nd place in Exploring Support Services Careers
    Sarah Kane--1st place in Job Interview
    Gabi Gray--2nd place in Job Interview and 2nd place in Teaching an Impromptu Lesson
    Bih Awasom--3rd place in Teaching a STEM Lesson
    Faith Covey and Delaney Pierce--1st place in Writing Children's Literature
    Jadyn Lewis--4th place in Writing Children's Literature
    Delaney Pierce--5th place in Public Speaking
    Jackson Krop--1st place in Public Speaking
    Jackson Krop, Payton Clevenger, and Aaron Stockmann--1st place in Ethical Dilemma
    In addition, LHS student Jennavieve Carmony earned 2nd place in Impromptu Speaking as well as a national bid. 

    Liberty North Wins Two Group District Competitions

    Liberty North High School took first place in both Readers Theatre and One Act District competitions.  Both teams will compete at the State competitions in April.

    The One-Act was a cutting of the full winter play, The Diary of Anne Frank, which tells the true story of several Jewish people who hid during the Nazi persecution of Jews.  Hannah Samson was Student Director, and students Margaret Reams and Ayriana Haney coordinated costumes. David Young was Director, with Rebecca Dempsey as Assistant Director.

    The Readers Theatre production, I Wish You Water, used humor and dramatic narrative to illustrate the importance of water around the world. Riley Berkland and Braden Presser were Student Directors, and students Simon Whitsitt, Jake Hagen, and Braden Presser worked with the group on musical underscoring. Kim Lenger was Director.

    More than 60 students worked on costumes, set, props, lighting, sound, stage managing, and set crew to bring these winning productions to life.

    Please help us in congratulating our five LHS All-State Choir students representing the Kansas City Metro at the Missouri Music Educators Association in January! 
    Alex Johnson
    Michayla Johnston
    Blake Johnston
    Regan Mills
    Marcus Myvett
    Click here for the LHS and LNHS 2019 All-District High School Band and Orchestra results.
    Click here for the DMS, HMS, LMS, and SVMS 2019 All-District Middle School Band and Orchestra results.
    LHS Speech & Debate Starts Season With a Bang!
    On the heels of a National Championship, the Liberty High School Speech and Debate Team kicks off the first two weeks of the 2019-20 season with two big weekends! The team won three tournament championships in the first two weeks.
    At Kickapoo, on October 11-12: The varsity team won the tournament championship. The following students earned individual honors: 
    Mitchell Gant- Tournament Champion, Lincoln Douglas debate
    Olivia Cotton- 2nd place, US Extemp
    Olivia Sherman- 2nd place, Dramatic Interp 
    Charlotte Brookins- 3rd place, Original Oratory 
    Lily Baughman and Kimball Yeates- 3rd place, Policy debate 
    Jack Van Sickle- 3rd place, Lincoln Douglas debate
    Ariel Chen and Bela Sullivan- 4th place, Public Forum debate 
    Alexis Fishel- 4th place, Champ Lincoln Douglas debate
    Halle Dittmer and Jake Islas- 4th place Champ Public Forum debate
    Jake Islas- 4th place, Student Congress
    Sal Bonadonna and Olivia Sherman- 4th place, Duo Interp 
    Izzie Bates- 4th place, Program Oral Interp 
    Robin Jones and Erin Brage- 5th place, Duo Interp 
    Caleb Goodwin and Jeff Laubsher- 6th place, Duo Interp 
    Regan Mills- 6th place, Humorous Interp 
    Meanwhile, at Blue Springs South, the following varsity earned individual honors: 
    Jayden Hayes- 3rd place, Humorous Interp 
    Logan Heil- 5th place, International Extemp
    Kelsey Theilen- 6th place, Dramatic Interp 
    That same weekend, the team’s novice competed at Blue Springs, where they took 3rd in the team competition. The following students placed: 
    Reyna Myvett- Tournament Champion, Original Oratory
    Lillian Gaither- Tournament Champion, Dramatic Interp 
    Evan Marley- Tournament Champion, Humorous Interp 
    Sam Alexander- 2nd place, Original Oratory 
    Will Pierce and Evan Marley- 3rd place, Duo Interp 
    Olivia Linzy- 4th place, Lincoln Douglas debate 
    Will Pierce- 5th place, Humorous Interp 
    Molly Tapp- 6th place, Original Oratory 
    Lillian Gaither- 6th place, Storytelling
    Last weekend at Oak Park, the varsity won the overall tournament championship. Here’s how the competitors finished individually: 
    Abby Klein- Tournament Champion, Informative Speaking 
    Regan Mills and Gracie Thompson- Tournament Champion, Duo Interp 
    Bela Sullivan and Caden Metcalf- 3rd place, Public Forum Debate
    Olivia Cotton- 3rd place, Lincoln Douglas Debate
    Lily Baughman and Kimball Yeates- 3rd place, Policy debate
    Lily Baughman- 3rd place, US Extemp
    Logan Heil- 4th place, International Extemp 
    Daisy Smith- 4th place, Program Oral Interp 
    Daisy Smith- 4th place, Dramatic Interp 
    Oli McCann and Elijah Nash- 4th place, Public Forum 
    Jake Islas- 4th place, Student Congress
    Bela Sullivan- 6th place, Student Congress
    Charlotte Brookins- 6th place, Original Oratory 
    That same weekend, the novice were competing at Park Hill. The team won the overall tournament championship. Individual results are: 
    Kora Weidmaier- Tournament Champion, Dramatic Interp
    Chloe Morgan- Tournament Champion, US Extemp
    Evan Marley- Tournament Champion, Humorous Interp 
    Rand Brown- Tournament Champion, Radio Speaking 
    Kennedy Naseem- Tournament Champion, Program Oral Interp 
    Rand Brown- Tournament co-Champion, Lincoln Douglas debate 
    Kennedy Graham- Tournament co-Champion, Lincoln Douglas debate 
    Olivia Linzy- Tournament co-Champion, Lincoln Douglas debate 
    Rand Brown- 2nd place, Radio Speaking 
    Andrew Hand- 2nd place, Dramatic Interp 
    Will Pierce and Evan Marley- 2nd place, Duo Interp 
    Lillian Gaither- 3rd place, Dramatic Interp 
    Ciara Keenan- 3rd place, Humorous Interp 
    Sasha Hough and Kiran Deol- 3rd place, Policy debate 
    Kiran Deol- 3rd place, Original Oratory 
    Ciara Keenan and Erin Brage- 3rd place, Public Forum debate 
    Elizabeth LaCapra- 4th place, Original Oratory 
    Robin Jones and Erin Brage- 4th place, Duo Interp 
    Ethan Burnham- 4th place, International Extemp 
    Andrew Letsch- 4th place, Informative 
    Molly Tapp- 5th place, Dramatic Interp 
    Alysa Pendergraft and Elizabeth LaCapra- 5th place, Duo Interp 
    Robin Jones- 6th place, Radio Speaking 
    Addison Vallier- 6th place, Original Oratory 
    Sara Langston- 6th place, Humorous Interp 
    Andrew Hand and Charlie Marshall- 6th place, Duo Interp 
    More to come from Liberty Speech and Debate this season!
    Congratulations to the following students on their performances at the MSHSAA State Music Festival on Saturday, April 27:
    Gold Medals:
    Catherine Duncan, Tuba Solo
    Grant Owen, Marimba Solo
    Percussion Quartet - Alan Shipman, Olivia Centa, Clay Ewbank, Jacob Fullinwider
    Brass Sextet - Morgan Pohle, Harrison Hewitt, Evan Moody, Laura Kallenbach, Collin Parker, Nate Saluri
    Katie Martin, Bassoon Solo
    Alec Centa, Snare Solo
    Abbie Bavuso, Clarinet Solo
    Bassoon Quartet - Katie Martin, Katie Moretina, Sarah Keenan, Ian Dickerson
    Charlie Cope-Morris, Timpani Solo
    Brass Quintet - Cole Bower, Daniel Jump, Jack Wheelhouse, Henry Witt, Benjamin Duncan
    Abby Geier, Alto Saxophone Solo
    Jillian Arnold, Tuba Solo
    Silver Medals:
    Cassidy Meyer, Flute Solo
    Clarinet Trio - Aaron Rearick, Avry Asby, Aubrey Peterson
    Jenna Phelan, Flute Solo
    Flute Quartet - Jenna Phelan, Aubrianna McKee, Cassidy Meyer, Kayla Jump
    Benjamin Duncan, Tuba Solo
    Cole Bower, Piano Solo
    Mark Chiselita, Tuba Solo
    Katie Moretina, Bassoon Solo
    Alan Shipman, Marimba Solo
    Kayla Jump, Flute Solo
    David Emerson, Trumpet Solo
    Bronze Medals:
    Daniel Jump, Trumpet Solo
    Sydni Meyer, Alto Saxophone Solo
    Trumpet Quartet - Alexander Morales, Wyatt Craven, Cole Bower, Daniel Jump
    The Excelsior Springs Area Career Center recently hosted their annual awards ceremony.  The following Liberty High students received special recognition:
    • Zach Bunge, 2nd Place Missouri SkillsUSA, Emergency Medical Technician

    • Katie Ngo, Animation, Perfect Attendance

    • Michael Provence, HVAC, Gregg Williams Foundation $250 Tool scholarship

    • Zachary Scrogham, CompTech, Perfect Attendance/2nd Place Missouri SkillsUSA, Internet of Things and Smart Home

    • Drake Vogelbaugh, Fire Fighter, Perfect Attendance

    Photos from the Awards Ceremony are available on our Facebook Page

    Liz Smith, 
    CTE Counselor
    Excelsior Springs Area Career Center

    The Excelsior Springs Area Career Center recently hosted their annual awards ceremony.  The following Liberty North students received special recognition:
    • Daniel McAninch, Electrical, $250 Bill Cogdill Memorial tuition scholarship/3rd Place Missouri SkillsUSA, Electrical Construction Wiring/Student of the Year, Electrical Trades

    • Miranda Pendleton, Health Services, Perfect Attendance

    Photos from the Awards Ceremony are available on our Facebook Page

    Liz Smith, 
    CTE Counselor
    Excelsior Springs Area Career Center

    Please join us in celebrating the fine works of art from our extremely talented artists, some of whom received National Scholastic Art Award Gold & Silver Keys, University of Central Missouri awards, and the NCECA National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts, with one student, Moriah Clock, receiving the top award at the exhibition, earning an $80,000 scholarship to Alfred University to pursue ceramic arts. 
    Juried Art Show:  May 2-10
    OPEN HOUSE: Thursday, May 2:  3:30-5:30 p.m.
    Refreshments Served
    ~~ Bring family & friends & share kind words to the artists! 
    Holly Shenk - former Hallmark artist, specializes in Drawing/Painting
    Tommy Frank - studio manager Belger Arts Center/Crane Yard Clay
    Shane Immelt - Minds-i Photographic Svc.- President, Liberty Arts Commission
    Awards:  Best in Show & 1st, 2nd, 3rd in categories: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Sculpture 
     State Music Festival Results
    Please help us congratulate all of the choral performers that represented North at the State Music Festival on Friday.
    Thadeus Acha:  Gold Medals-Solo and two ensembles
    Jacob Aldridge:  Silver Medal - Solo
    Will Angel:  Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Ashley Bain:  Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Autumn Bammes:  Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medal Ensemble
    Ade Barber - Bronze Medal -Ensemble
    Georgia Barge - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble
    Nik Baumert - Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medals - Solo and Ensemble
    Grace Bellman - Bronze Medal - Ensemble
    Sophia Bolin - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Max Brown - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Makenna Bruns - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Veronica Buckner - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Brayden Burton - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Caroline Casel - Silver Medal- Ensemble
    Kaylin Clancy - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Gabe Conover - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Allison Cox - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Ryan Decamp - Gold Medals - two Ensembles
    Ainsley Dillon - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Haydn Finlinson - Gold Medals - two Ensembles
    Miranda Frankenbach - Gold Medals - two Ensembles, Silver Medal - Solo
    Olivia Garcia - Gold Medals - two Ensembles
    Sydney Garlock - Bronze Medal - Ensemble
    Elaina Gorton - Silver Medal - Solo
    Jake Hagen - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble, Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Ayriana Haney - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Skyla Henning - Bronze Medal - Ensemble
    Tommy Herron - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Bethany Holst - Bronze Medal - Ensemble
    Jaden Klug - Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Mary Lehnardt - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Cole Lemasters - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Katherine Mackenzie - Gold Medal - Solo, Silver Medal Ensemble
    Heath Moravec - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Sydney Noble - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Emily Pearson - Gold Medals - Solo and two Ensembles
    Aubrey Petty - Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medal - Solo
    Bryleigh Powell - Bronze Medal - Ensemble
    Braden Presser - Gold Medals - two Ensembles, Silver Medal - Solo
    Isaiah Roberts - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Remi Robinett - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Keirsten Schmalz - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Belle Schroeder - Silver Medals - Solo and Ensemble
    Michael Schwalm - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Trey Sharp - Silver Medal - Solo
    Chayce Snitker - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble
    Jazlynn Summers - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Allison Swearingin - Silver Medal - Ensemble
    Kayln Taylor - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Lily Weaver - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble
    Grace Westfall - Gold Medal - Solo
    Simon Whitsitt - Gold Medals - Solo and Two Ensemble
    Kamren Williamson - Gold Medals - two Ensembles, Silver Medal - Solo
    Sam Wirt - Gold Medal - Ensemble
    Ava Wolesky - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble
    Gabby Zink - Gold Medal - Ensemble

    Congratulations to the following Liberty North band students for qualifying and earning the following ratings at State Music Festival on Friday, April 26 at the University of Missouri, Columbia

    Michael Fuller – snare drum, Micah Parsons – snare drum, Kiersten Glass - trumpet, Delani Seymour - flute, Olivia Garcia – flute, Mitchell Sidden - clarinet, Abby Reinhart - clarinet, Cooper Smith – alto sax, Jackson Krop – tenor sax, Aaron Stockmann – tuba,

     Percussion Ensemble: Michael Fuller, Levi Anderson, Monica Rosa, Payton Dollins, Micah Parsons, Kierin Perry, Samantha Medley, Madeleine Sevier

    Clarinet Quartet: Mitchell Sidden, Abby Reinhart, Claire Buchmann, Makenna Pipes

    Saxophone Quartet: Cooper Smith, Felix Labrador, Jackson Krop, Wyatt Eickmann

    Brass Quintet: Carson Krop, Alec Walls, Harrison Heutinck, Jacob Rains, Aaron Stockmann

    Austin Burnett - trombone, Levi Anderson – marimba, Monica Rosa – snare drum, Samantha Medley – marimba, Claire Buchmann - clarinet, Carson Krop - trumpet, Jacob Rains - trombone, Tim Fuller – multiple percussion, Caleb Reibenstein – alto sax, Jackson Amberg – tenor sax, Aiyana Wooten - clarinet

    Trombone Quartet:  Austin Burnett, Alex Murray, Claire Mason, Wil Bindel

    Trumpet Trio: Kiersten Glass, Leah DeGarmo, Isabel Zimmerman

    Flute Quartet: Delani Seymour, Olivia Garcia, Emilia Jefferson, Sarah Kane

    Madeline Prom-trumpet

    Please support the visual arts created by students from Liberty North High School at the 9th Annual Children's Book Character Sculpture exhibit at the Woodneath Branch Library from April 18 - April 30, 2018! Leave a note in the box provided to the artist/sculptor so they can receive feedback! 
    Congratulations to the following Sculpture II students:

    Tabitha Brooks - The Girl with the Magic Locket
    Madison Brees- The Rainbow Fish
    Kayden Azevedo - Max from Max & Ruby
    Alaina Galloway - TIgger from Winnie the Pooh
    Harrison Schubert - Corduroy
    Autumn Teel - Clifford the BIg Red Dog
    Delani Seymour - Winnie the Pooh
    Cami Saura - Smaug from The Hobbit
    Kollin Foster - If you give a Mouse a Cookie
    Alex Bayless - The Pigeon
    Nick Reysack - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Savannah Leftridge - Wump from Wump World 
    Jacob Welch - Mother Goose
    Haley Combs - Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh
    Elle Smith - Curious George
    Nikki Cox - Toothless the Dragon
    The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce recognized the following Liberty students in their 20 Under 20 Program. These students have made a positive impact in the Liberty area through exceptional entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation or creative vision. Some have started their own business, founded a non-profit, created a charity event, or given back to the community in an extraordinary way. Congrats to Liberty's next generation of innovators! 

    Owen Adrian nominated by Curt Kelly (2nd year)
    Owen is building apps for businesses in Liberty, including his Ordering App for Coffee Shops. He is pursuing other ideas that he is trying to turn in to a profitable endeavor. He is very innovative and creative and has learned how to communicate with customers and potential customers.

    Piper Baldwin - nominated by Tim Anderson
    Piper has already created two businesses. One is a makeup business, and she has traveled to clients in other cities even. The other is an eBay business that allows her to raise money for her travel expenses for the makeup business.

    Jackson Bridgeman – nominated by Kristi Soligo Fleshman
    Jackson started his business when he was 13 years old - 7 years later, he has a full-blown residential, commercial lawn and landscape business. He is smart, driven, humble, kind and has a great head on his shoulders. This young man deserves recognition for his hard work and tenacity to keep going when the going gets tough!

    Cal & Brett Buchanan nominated by Lorraine Buchanan
    Cal & Brett are brothers that started a bait company together 2 years ago. They make custom fishing baits and sell them online to individuals across the country. They work on the business independently and fill and ship all orders themselves during the summer, on weekends, and after school.

    Megan Day – nominated by Ashlyn Pope, Melissa Taylor & Julie Day
    Megan is an exceptional self-taught photographer who offers her services to quite a few people in the Liberty and greater KC. Her goal is to capture candid, airy, and natural images, which are well-represented on her website.

    Madeline Hand – nominated by Christopher Hand
    Maddy's Official Photography located in Liberty, Missouri, is run by 10-year-old Madeline Hand. She started her photography business over 9 months ago with a focus on using local girls to model for pictures. This is meant to empower young girls to help instill confidence and to feel good about themselves. 

    Paiton Hodges – nominated by Christopher Hand
    Paiton's cupcakes are delicious and unique. Her motto of "Made with love and guaranteed to make you happy!" shines through her enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. She is a smart, unique and determined business owner that enjoys sharing her love of cupcakes with the Liberty area.

    Brandon Homan  – Jodi Homan
    Brandon was nominated, because he can handle his responsibilities of owning a lawn mowing business and has hired his brother. He keeps his grades up and can handle his sports schedule plus be involved in his Scout troop. He is also involved with FCCLA and National Honor Society.

    Grant Houston – nominated by Jane Stanley (2nd year)
    Grant has always been interested in finding ways to make money. At the end of his seventh-grade year, his aunt introduced him to selling on eBay and he began by selling used clothing and sporting goods. This year through Northland CAPS, he started a drive to collect shoes for the less fortunate and has collected close to 200 pairs.

    Savana Lee – nominated by Jeffrey Lee
    Savana built and sold a food truck business, as well as, launched her own makeup line and mobile beauty salon by the age of 19. 

    Addyson Moffitt – nominated by Bryan Moffitt (2nd year)
    Addyson participates in the Girls on the Run program and is an excellent student and leader within her school. She has raised over $58,000 for clean water for kids in Africa in two-years! She was the leading fundraiser for Team World Vision in the Kansas City area and the 5th highest fundraiser in the entire United States.

    Mitchell Neth – nominated by Jared Mellema (2nd year)
    Mitchell began serving with us at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church when he was in 6th grade. It was at that time that we realized a distinct ability to use technology to tell impactful stories. His influence is seen throughout Liberty outside of his work at Pleasant Valley, in his work with Niles media group, and various projects at LHS.

    Grace Priebe – nominated by Jeanette Priebe
    Grace formed Priebe Pampered Pets 3 years ago.  She is the heart and soul of the company. I consider myself her business manager. She is very hands-on with the business, and I am her right-hand woman. We have had 8 dogs at once, and we have been booked every summer from mid-May until school starts.

    Neeley “Bryant” Schmitz – nominated by Jeffrey Lee
    From a young age, Bryant developed creative ways to earn money. When he turned 14, he started his lawn and landscape company. His business began to grow rapidly. He started with residential mowing in the Liberty area, but now services both residential and commercial customers throughout the KC metro area.

    Huge tournament for LHS Speech and Debate at the MSHSAA State Tournament in Springfield this past weekend!
    Overall, here are four highlights: 
    - The team won the State Championship in debate events. 
    - Won the State Championship in Readers' Theater. 
    - Took second place in speech events. 
    - Took fourth place in One Act Play contest. 
    Individual honors (including two individual state champions) are listed here
    Thirty-one NCC students earned medals in 13 individual and team events at the SkillsUSA State Competition April 4-6:  13 gold, 7 silver, 11 bronze.  There are eight students who will advance to the National contest in Louisville, Kentucky, June 24 - 28.  NCC also had two students elected to the 2019-20 State Officer team.
    Dalton Oldag, 1st place, Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl team member; 5th place, Quiz Bowl team member
    Thomas Burchell, 1st place, Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl team member; 5th place, Quiz Bowl team member; 12th place, Criminal Justice Tech Info
    Isaiah Roberts, 4th place, Culinary Arts Tech Info
    Brett Dotson, 7th place, Informational Craft Bulletin Board team member
    Christian Sedgwick, 10th place, Commercial Baking Tech Info
    Thank you for supporting NCC and Career & Technical Education.
    NCC SkillsUSA State Contest Results
    Thirty-one NCC students earned medals in 13 individual and team events at the SkillsUSA State Competition April 4-6:  13 gold, 7 silver, 11 bronze.  There are eight students who will advance to the National contest in Louisville, Kentucky, June 24 - 28.  NCC also had two students elected to the 2019-20 State Officer team.
    Marissa Ortega - 1st place, Law Enforcement/Crime Scene Investigation team member (photo attached - Marissa is in the middle)
    Kaitlyn Kennedy - 1st place, Law Enforcement/Crime Scene Investigation team member (photo attached - Kaitlyn is on the right)
    Alyssa Bryan - 2nd place, Information Craft Bulletin Board team member (photo attached)
    Jacob Haug - 5th place, Quiz Bowl team member
    Josilyn Jacobsen - 7th place, Information Craft Bulletin Board team member
    Marissa and Kaitlyn will be attending the National competition.
    LNHS KNET and Sports Media crew added to their awards, traveling to Lee's Summit for the JEMKC awards.  They received 1st place in sweepstakes, receiving the most points in all the broadcast categories!
    Awards were:
    • 1st Place:  Broadcast Show With Video
    • 2nd Place: Broadcast Show Announcements
    • 2nd Place Broadcast PSA: Hailey Wineland
    • 2nd Place Broadcast Anchoring: Landin Brown and Grace Livia
    • 3rd Place Broadcast Sports Highlights: John Harris, Cole Lemasters, Zach Klug
    • 3rd Place Broadcast Show Opening: Tayler Gilbert
    As always, thank you for your support of our journalism kids. We truly couldn't do it without you, and we are so appreciative. 
    ​Update to FBLA Finalist! Samantha Ecklund of LHS placed third at state in the personal finance event. She has now qualified for nationals this summer in San Antonio!
    Congratulations to the Liberty North students who were finalists at the MSHSAA state championships!
    Sadik Mohamed/Selma Khalil - 3rd Policy debate
    Garrett Lampert - 3rd Original Oratory
    Liberty HIgh School Technology Student Association returned from the state conference with multiple semifinalists and top 3 events. In total we had 3 state champs, 6 state runner ups,  1 3rd place finish and 18 total national qualifiers.
    State Champs, Nationals Qualifier: Architectural Design - Nick Inzerillo, Nathan Frost, Fiona Burroughs, Carson Badders, and Stevie Horton
    State Champs, Nationals Qualifier: Biotechnology Design - Evan Nelson, Nathan Frost, Will Laubscher, Jake Rogers, and Evan Mansil
    State Champs, Nationals Qualifier: Music Production - Ricky Ames and Malia Kaaiakamanu
    2nd Place, Nationals Qualifier: Fashion Design - Tyson Parco, Peter Mallet, Fiona Burroughs
    2nd Place, Nationals Qualifier: Digital Video Production - Kelvin Rodriguez, Jesse Ledford, Kit Mallett, Thomas McKenna, Kage Lenger
    2nd Place, Nationals Qualifier: On-Demand Video - Kelvin Rodriguez, Jesse Ledford, Kage Lenger, Carson Badders, Stevie Horton
    2nd Place, Nationals Qualifier: Scientific Visualization - Fiona Burroughs, Jake Rogers, Kage Lenger
    2nd Place: System Control - Nathan Frost, Jake Rogers, Will Laubscher
    2nd Place: 3D Animation - Mark Bethel, Carson Badders
    3rd Place: Flight Endurance - Claudia Coots
    Other Finalists (top 5): 
    Debate - Ricky Ames and Malia Kaaiakamanu
    Digital Video Production - Fiona Burroughs, Natu Kahassai, Peter Mallet
    Congratulations to LN Technology Student Association (TSA) for placing in multiple events at Missouri TSA State conference.  These students will continue on to National competition in Washington DC this summer.
    1st Place in Forensic Science: Sydney Powell & Kaine Kinnard
    3rd Place in 3D Animation: Erin Ellington, Katie Ngo & Debra Zegler
    3rd Place in CAD Architecture: Nathan Riley
    6th Place in Music Production: Johnathan Skinner


    Liberty North High School Wins 3rd at State One Act Competition

    Liberty North High School theatre teens’ one-act production of Quilters won 3rd place out of the top 15 One Act shows in the state.  They ranked first in their first round of seven shows and tied for 2nd among the top four shows, just two rating points behind the show that was awarded 2nd place.  Most of the 12 actresses had never had a speaking line or featured moment in a high-school show.

    Lily Weaver earned Best Supporting Actress for her emotional portrayal of a young mother whose husband died working on the railroad.  Quilting helped her deal with her grief and embrace life again.

    Actresses Elizabeth and Margaret Reams led several of the cast in making most of the 34 quilt blocks, 12 aprons, 24 apron pocket patches, and 12 bonnets.  Margaret and Elizabeth also coordinated costumes.  Actress Hannah Samson staged a scene, and actress Megan Day coordinated most of the props.  Student Nik Baumert conducted the band of seven students, which provided underscoring and scene-change music.  Student Alexa Stein was Stage Manager.  Students Nadia Higareda and Ben Varnell designed and ran lights; students Ben Madrigal and Molly Blackburn designed and ran sound effects.  Students also ran spotlights, organized backstage, and helped with setting up and taking down the set.

    One week before the competition, the teens discovered they had been assigned to a stage which was too small for their set.  So they redesigned their set and lights and changed their blocking to fit the new space.

    Rebecca Dempsey was the director, and David Young was technical director.  Gretchen Reams supervised the construction of the quilt blocks. 

    Please support the visual arts created by students from Liberty North High School at the 9th Annual Children's Book Character Sculpture exhibit at the Woodneath Branch Library from April 18 - April 30, 2018! Leave a note in the box provided to the artist/sculptor so they can receive feedback! 
    Congratulations to the following Sculpture II students:

    Tabitha Brooks - The Girl with the Magic Locket
    Madison Brees- The Rainbow Fish
    Kayden Azevedo - Max from Max & Ruby
    Alaina Galloway - TIgger from Winnie the Pooh
    Harrison Schubert - Corduroy
    Autumn Teel - Clifford the BIg Red Dog
    Delani Seymour - Winnie the Pooh
    Cami Saura - Smaug from The Hobbit
    Kollin Foster - If you give a Mouse a Cookie
    Alex Bayless - The Pigeon
    Nick Reysack - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Savannah Leftridge - Wump from Wump World 
    Jacob Welch - Mother Goose
    Haley Combs - Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh
    Elle Smith - Curious George
    Nikki Cox - Toothless the Dragon
    Congratulations to the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Graduates for 2019!
    This elite leadership program helps students understand the Northland and their ties to it, giving insight into the business, legal, educational, political and health care elements of
    our community.

    Karlie Benton - Liberty High School
    Tyler Bolz - Liberty High School
    William Bendure - Liberty North
    Ariana Tormes - Liberty North
    Please congratulate Moriah Clock and Claire Henry, both in AP Sculpture, whose work was accepted into the Annual Juried K-12 Student exhibit at the (NCECA) National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts conference.  Additionally, Moriah received 4 other recognitions for her work.  The decisions of the juror, Eva Kwong, were based upon an examination of 1,164 entries submitted across the country for this year's exhibition in Minneapolis, MN.  These works have returned from exhibit and are on display in the glass case beneath the spiral staircase - Eagles Nest.
    Samantha Eklund (LHS junior) will be in Springfield April 14-16 competing at the FBLA Missouri State Leadership Conference. She placed high enough in District competition this past February to advance to State in Personal Finance and Accounting. If Samantha takes 1st or 2nd place at State this weekend, she will be eligible for Nationals in San Antonio this summer. Good luck Samantha! 
    Liberty North Wins District Scholar Bowl Tournament
    April 6, the Liberty North Scholar Bowl team was named District Champions after winning all five of their games in the MSHSAA Class 4 District 15 Tournament.  The Eagles now advance to play St. Joe Central in Sectionals to be held at LNHS on April 17.  The Sectionals winner advances to the state playoffs held in Columbia on May 4.  Anna Haynes and Max Hodes were both named to the All-District Team, which is comprised of the six top-scoring players from the preliminary rounds. 
    Coach Rosemary Camp notes, “Today’s victory was the culmination of incalculable hours of hard work and determination on the part of a very talented group of young people.  As coaches, we couldn’t be prouder of their success.”
    The LNHS team consisted of Eddie Gomez GonzalesAnna Haynes, Max Hodes, Wessyn Robinson,  Zack Rodick, and Nishat Shah(Captain).  Coaches for the Eagles include Mary Coogan and Rosemary Camp.

    LNHS Chemathon 2019 Results
    April 9, Liberty North High School chemistry and physics students traveled to Saint Joseph to compete in the annual Chemathon competition hosted by Missouri Western State University.  The competition includes both individual and team contests in four divisions:  1st Year Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Physics, and Dual-Credit Chemistry.  LNHS had an exceptional showing at this event, with results below:

    Individual Awards:
    1st Year Chemistry

    • Hunter Pulliam – 5th place
    • Samantha Medley – 6th place

    AP Chemistry

    • Eddie Gomez – 3rd place
    • Sean Purdue - 4th place
    • Anthony Garcia – 6th place
    • Gabby Hightower – 9th place


    • Daniel Harper – 1st place
    • Levi Anderson – 2nd place
    • Anna Haynes – 3rd place
    • Daly McKay – 4th place
    • Cooper Richardson – 7th place
    • Alex Matney – 10th place

    Dual-Credit Chemistry

    • Braden Presser – 7th place
    • Abigail Wagner– 10th place

    Team Awards:

    • 1st place in Team Competition / 1st Year Chemistry: Kali Bollhoefer, Samantha Medley, Hunter Pulliam, and Chayce Snitker
    • 1st place in Amazing Periodic Table Race / 1st Year Chemistry: Sophia Bolin, Kali Bollhoefer, Jae Bryant, Jaden Klug, and Chayce Snitker
    • 2nd place in Team Competition / AP Chemistry: Anthony Garcia, Eddie Gomez, Gabby Hightower, and Sean Purdue
    • 1st place in Team Competition / Physics: Levi Anderson, Daniel Harper, Cooper Richardson, and Bri Wagoner
    • 3rd place in Team Competition / Dual-Credit Chemistry: Kayden Azevedo, Julia Blanchard, Wyland Filley, and Braden Presser
    • 1st place in Amazing Periodic Table Race / Dual-Credit Chemistry: Julia Blanchard, Alyssa O’Hare, Braden Presser, Kaylin Robinson, and Abigail Wagner

    Sponsors for this event include Mary Coogan, Spencer Fish, Kevin Nelson, Kim Scholes, and Jessica Williams.  We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of these outstanding science students!

    Recent LNHS Student Achievements
    Missouri Scholars 100
    Seniors Levi Anderson and Anthony Garcia of Liberty North High School have been nominated and selected for the 2019 Missouri Scholars 100 academic honor. Missouri Scholars 100 is a statewide program honoring 100 of Missouri's top academic seniors. Selection is based primarily on a formula using the student's grade point average and ACT/SAT scores, as well as meeting all the criteria of the Academic Decathlon, which include a minimum GPA of 3.75, a minimum ACT score of 29, ranked in the upper 10 percent of the class, and have taken rigorous upper level coursework in math, science, English, and a foreign language. We are so very proud of Levi and Anthony and all the hard work they have put forth the last several years.
    Missouri Boys/Girl State
    Dr. Martin Jacobs  and the Liberty North High School community are excited to announce the nomination of the following juniors as this year's participants in the American Legion Boys State (Ernest Apollon, Warren Barge) and Girls State (Julia Blanchard, Jaeda Dickens, Emma Reiser, Veronica Buckner) Programs of Missouri. Boys/Girls State is an 8-day hands-on summer program that provides students with incredible leadership opportunities while gaining experience in the operation and fundamentals of government. Students will attend camp at the University of Central Missouri for a fast pace, energetic learning experience while gaining invaluable skills and lifelong relationships.  
    Missouri Scholars Academy
    Dr. Martin Jacobs is proud to announce the Missouri Scholars Academy participants for summer 2019; sophomores Rachel Adger, Sophia Bolin, and Maxwell Hodes. Missouri Scholars Academy is a three-week academic residential program for 330 of Missouri’s gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year in high school. The Academy is held each June on the campus of the University of Missouri, and administered by the University of Missouri Honors College.The Academy reflects Missouri’s desire to strive for excellence in education at all levels. The program is based on the premise that Missouri’s gifted youth must be provided with special opportunities for learning and personal development in order for them to realize their full potential.
    LNHS DECA Puts In Their Best Performance at DECA State
    Liberty North High School DECA competed against 2,000 of the best DECA students from across the state, and we are thrilled to announce we have eight students advancing to Internationals next month. 
    1st Place Ben Svoboda Principles of Marketing 
    2nd Place Nathan Amor Quick Serve Restaurant Management
    2nd Place William Bendure Marketing Communications
    4th Place Emily Green Integrated Marketing Campaign 
    4th Place Jackson Krop Financial Consulting
    4th Place Mackensi Killbreth Entrepreneurship Series
    Gold Certified SBE - 5 years straight || Bailey Fine + Matt Hampton will be representing the school store at the SBE retail academy & competition. 
    These eight students will move on to the final round of competition in Orlando, Florida, where they will compete for top honors against 20,000 students from around the world at the International Career Development Conference. 
    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. DECA enhances preparation for college and careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, apply learning, connect to business, and promote competition. 
    Students Bring Home Awards from State Journalism Day
    Broadcast, newspaper, and yearbook staffs traveled to Columbia, MO on Monday, March 25 for the annual state journalism day.  Awards are listed below.
    In addition, LNHS Principal, Dr. Jacobs, was awarded the Administrator of the Year. 
    Liberty North High School Results
    Claire Henry--Photo Illustration
    Claire Henry--Cartoon/Infographic
    Kaylen Aldridge, Claire Henry, Ingrid Weaver--Online Feature Package
    Ashton Overby--Portrait Photography
    Madison Gabbert and Grace Livia--News Feature Podcast
    Madison Gabbert and Grace Livia--News Story Podcast
    Ella Pritchett-Opinion Writing
    Kari Tott--Sports Reaction Photography
    Madison Gabbert--Human Interest Feature
    Kaylen Aldridge and Aashree Gandhi--Opinion Writing
    Ashton Overby--Photo Illustration
    Claire Henry-Portrait Photography
    Claire Henry--Photo Illustration
    Claire Henry, Tayler Gilbert, Madison Gabbert--Online Feature Package
    Hailey Wineland--PSA
    Ingrid Weaver--Mini Documentary 
    Jaeda Dickens--Portrait Photography
    Jaeda Dickens and Tayler Gilbert--Online Sports Package
    Overall Newsmagazine 
    Sports Broadcast
    Ashton Overby--News Photography
    Ashton Overby--Academic Photography
    Overall Broadcast Announcements Only
    Overall Broadcast 
    Emma Suppes--Feature Story
    Jack Kankiewicz and Aashree Gandhi--Online Feature Package
    Jaeda Dickens--Sports Reaction Photography
    Kari Tott--Portrait Photography
    Honorable Mention
    Madi Burrow--Sports Writing
    Madi Burrow and Bailey Redford--Online Feature Package
    Overall Online
    Karlee Kent--Feature Story
    Abby Roberts--Feature Story
    Ella Pritchett and Hailey Wineland--Online Sports Package
    Hailey Wineland and Elaina Gorton--Sports Feature
    Jacob Prather--Sports Feature
    Kari Tott--Sports Action Photography
    On-Site Competitions:
    1st Place--Karlee Kent--Opinion Writing
    1st Place--Ella Pritchett--Social Media Reporting
    2nd Place--Ingrid Weaver--Feature Writing
    2nd Place--Aashree Gandhi--News Writing
    2nd Place--Daniel Harper--Opinion Writing
    3rd Place--Claire Henry--Editorial Cartoon
    3rd Place--Madi Burrow--News Writing
    LNHS Yearbook Results


    The Staff of the 2018 Ayrie— Overall Yearbook

    Ashlyn Pope and Isabelle Kanning— Overall Theme/Concept

    Ashlyn Pope, Isabelle Kanning, Mackensi Killbreth— Themed/Chronological Package

    Ashlyn Pope, Isabelle Kanning, Delaney Pierce— Mod/Infographic

    Ashlyn Pope, Isabelle Kanning, Delaney Pierce— Traditional Package: Student Life Design

    Mason Landreth— News Photography


    Alex Mahinda— Sports Reaction Photography

    Chloe Main— Sports Photography

    Colt Duncan— Sports Reaction Photography

    Isabelle Kanning, Ashlyn Pope, Maddie Main— Traditional Package: Sports Design

    Natalie Knebel— Sports Photography

    Parmeet Binner— News Photography


    Belle Zubiri— Yearbook Writing

    Colt Duncan— Yearbook Writing

    Isabelle Kanning, Ashlyn Pope, Makaila Mills— Themed Chronological Package

    Zeeshan Shahid— Student Life/Organization Photography

    On-Site Competitions:

    Belle Zubiri— Feature Writing

    Liberty High School Results



    -John Alvey & Thomas Hand: Liberty v Staley Basketball

    -Delaney Tarpley: Animal Shelter


    -KLHS Daily with video

    -KLHS Daily announcements only

    -John Alvey, Thomas Hand, Matt Walther: Men's Basketball

    -Emma Cronin & Josh Gregory: Overflow


    -Jackson Ogden & Thomas Hand: Liberty v Staley Football

    -Leah Rainwater & Bella McCaslin: Scheduling

    -John Alvey: Liberty v Staley Highlight


    All-MO Design Student Feature - Kristen Pettibon & Ellie Magera

    Superior Overall Yearbook

    Superior Traditional Sports Pkg 

    Superior Writing - Kristen Pettibon

    Excellent Design Student Life

    Excellent Photography

    Honorable Mention Theme/Concept

    Honorable Mention Infographics

    Yearbook Photography

    All-Mo Sports Action - MaryAnn Johnson

    All-Mo Student Life - Allison Meyer

    Superior Sports Action - Alyssa Stein

    Superior Sports Action - Emily Black

    Superior Student Life - Brynna Namanny

    Superior Student Life - MaryAnn Johnson

    Excellent Sports Reaction - Aubrey Thomason

    Honorable Mention Portrait - MaryAnn Johnson


    #1 All Missouri Awards:

    -Online Newspaper, LHSNews.net Staff, Paige Twenter, Joey O’Kelly, Chrystian Noble

    and Liz Gammon

    -Jenn Carmony, Newspaper Feature

    -MaryAnn Johnson, Photo: Red White and Blue Jays

    -Hannah Ollier, Photo: Sports Action (1)

    -Hannah Ollier, Photo: Sports Action (2)

    #2 Superior

    -Jenn Carmony, Paige Twenter and Chrystian Noble, Online Feature

    -Paige Hodges, Paige Twenter and Chrystian Noble, Online Feature

    -Derek Katzer, News Feature

    -Rachel Reiter, Paige Twenter and Chrystian Noble, Online Feature

    -Rachel Reiter, Newspaper Feature

    -Delaney Tarpley, Newspaper Opinion

    -Delaney Tarpley, Daisy Smith and Mallory Fee, Newspaper Feature

    #3 Excellent

    -Overall Newspaper, Staff, Paige Twenter, Joey O’Kelly

    -Delaney Tarpley, Paige Twenter, Chrystian Noble, Online Breaking News

    -Kaley Hamilton, Photo: Portrait

    -Hannah Ollier, Photo: Sports Action (3)

    -Emma McDonald, Photo: Portrait

    #4 Honorable Mention

    -Alyah Craig, Paige Twenter and Sydni Meyer, Newspaper feature

    -Charlene Nguyen, Photo: News

    -Emma McDonald, Photo: Student Life