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  • 2022-2023 School Year

    National Speech and Debate

    NSDA 2023 National Tournament Results
    Liberty High School
    Kaylen King BQ Top 16
    Caroline Shemwell Ext Debate Top 23
    Elinor Dow & Bennett Chapman DUO Top 30
    Andrew Hand Prose Top 30
    Liv Linzy LD Top 60
    Kate Fisher Expos Top 60
    Andrew Hand & Grace Fisher DUO Top 60
    Ethan Burnham Senate Top 72
    Grace Fisher Expos Top 121
    Kate Fisher Storytelling Top 122
    Grace Fisher Storytelling Top 122
    Liv Linzy Ext Debate Top 206
    NSDA 2023 National Tournament Results
    Liberty North High School
    Addie Kimmerle
    4-year Qualifier award
    Ellie Thorn
    NSDA Academic All-American Award
    Olivia Walker
    NSDA Academic All-American Award
    Santina Juma POI Top 18
    Ava Powers Storytelling Top 38
    Madison Tucker Expos Top 60
    Alayna Pickard POI Top 59
    Alayna Pickard Poetry Top 60
    Ava Powers Oratory Top 65
    Addie Kimmerle Ext Debate Top 123
    Ellie Thorn Ext Debate Top 123
    Ellie Thorn & Trey Shriver PuF 6-6
    Aaron Kersh Senate 7th in Chamber

    Journalism Educators of Metro KC Awards

    Liberty North results: 

    First Place KNET Staff Live Sports Broadcast
    First Place Max Konnemann Show Opening
    First Place Maia Gaddis Original Art
    First Place Bryson Prindle Online Blogging
    Second Place KNET Staff Overall Announcements Show
    Second Place Eagle's View Staff Overall Design
    Second Place Abby Agnew, Emma Bustamante, Kelsey O'Riley Four-Part Theme Presentation
    Second Place Sawyer Hennigh Sports Reaction Photo
    Third Place Camille Parker Infographics Design
    Third Place Maia Gaddis Editorial Cartoon
    Third Place Brie Green Photo Illustration
    Third Place Maia Gaddis, Aly Klug, Madison Tucker Breaking Sports Content
    Honorable Mention Jillian Hickey Sports Story

    Technology Student Association (TSA) State Competition

    TOP 5 placements at State (*indicates National Qualifiers)
    Audio Podcasting 4th place
    (Brody Beebe, Ryan Houck, Aidan Wang)
    Biotechnology 2nd Place
    (Ryan Houck, Lacey Peycke, Yuhao Xiao)
    Data Science and Analytics 1st Place*
    (Ishveen Kaur)
    Debating Technical Issues 4th place
    (Yuhao Xiao, Ryan Houck)
    Extemporaneous Speech 1st Place*
    (Bryson Comegys)
    Music Production - 2nd place*
    (Martez Fletcher, Brody Beebe)
    Photography - 4th Place
    (Joley Neal)
    Promotional Design - 3rd place*
    (Ishveen Kaur)
    Software Development - 5th Place
    (Aidan Wang, Ishveen Kaur)
    System Control  - 2nd Place
    (Ty Rogers, Zach Rogers, Quinn Schulte)
    Technology Bowl - 3rd Place*
    (Ishveen Kaur, Lacey Pyecke, Brody Beebe)
    Tech Problem Solving - 5th Place
    (Ty Rogers, Zach Rogers)

    National History Day State Contest

    Middle Schools:

    First Place Liberty Middle School, Grade 8 Group Website Deji Nilson, Parker Kassman, Quinn Harman Edward Jenner: Father of the Vaccine and the Frontier of Immunization
    Second Place Liberty Middle School, Grade 8 Group Exhibit Hannah Mees, Nora Kruse, Leah Hickey Elizabeth Blackwell: Breaking a Social Barrier
    Third Place South Valley Middle School, Grade 8 Group Documentary Addison Bergquist, Kate Gray The Radium Girls: Death in the Workplace
    SPECIAL PRIZE WINNER: Strickland Memorial African-American History Prize: Best documentary on African-American History Liberty Middle School, Grade 7 Individual Documentary Emma Bright Alvin Ailey: Dancing Through Boundaries

    First and second-place winners qualify to be the Missouri delegates at the National NHD Contest in June at the University of Maryland in the Washington, DC area.

    Liberty North:

    On April 22, 11 Liberty North students defended their historical research projects on the Mizzou campus at the National History Day in Missouri state contest. 
    Three of those students earned the privilege to represent the state of Missouri at the National contest in Washington, D.C. in June. One student is serving as an alternate. 
    Please congratulate the following scholars: 
    Julia Ngo - 1st place, Historical Website: "The Magnuson Act: Frontiers Within the Naturalization of the Chinese"
    Emily Coleman & Natalie Coleman - 2nd place, Group Historical Documentary: "The Harlem Renaissance: Great Minds, Unique Ideologies, and a Cultural Hub"
    Miranda McArtor - Alternate (3rd place) in Individual Historical Documentary: "Boppin' with the Bird: The Life and Legacy of Charlie Parker" 
    Alexandria Woerth won the special prize for German History with her Historical Paper: "The ‘Golden Age’ of German Settlement in the Middle West: Building Missouri and Spreading German Influence", which will also be housed in the archives in Hermann, Mo. 

    JEA/NSPA National Convention

    Liberty North:

    • KNET: 4th place Best of Show
    • Ayrie: 8th place Bet of Show
    • Junior Abby Agnew: Excellent in Yearbook Copy/Caption (Academic)
    • Junior Kelsey O'Riley: Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy/Caption (Sports)

    Nature in Your Neighborhood Art Competition

    SVMS student Kenadie Williamson was presented with the third place award on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center.

    Metro Kansas City Model UN Conference

    Liberty North results:

    Congratulations to the Liberty North Model UN Team for their excellent showing at the Metro Kansas City Model UN Conference. The following students were recognized for their efforts:
    Outstanding Position Paper: Addie Kimmerle, Sumaya Mohamed, Chase Zeller
    Outstanding Delegate: Addie Kimmerle, Addie Krop, Noah Warner
    Distinguished Delegate: Addison Tesar
    Honorable Mention: Madison Tucker, Richard Sun, Andrew Hodges, Olivia Walker, Ethan Zawaski
    In addition, the Liberty North delegation of the United Kingdom was named the Most Outstanding while the delegation of Norway was awarded Distinguished Delegation.

    Annual SkillsUSA State Leadership & Skills Conference

    NCC had 81 SkillsUSA members compete at the Annual SkillsUSA State Leadership & Skills Conference at State Technical College of Missouri last week.

    NCC had 46 members medal in 36 contests. Ten students will advance to the National competition in Atlanta, Georgia, in June. We also had two members elected as 2023-2024 State Officers (secondary & post-secondary).

    NW District Results for the Liberty students:
    Wyatt Kolasa - Criminal Justice, 2nd place; Criminal Justice Tech Info, 1st place; Customer Service 3rd place
    Aary Patel - Quiz Bowl, 1st place; Related Technical Math, 2nd place  (he is in the group photo - 3rd boy in the front row)
    Jana DeVaul* - Job Interview, 3rd place; Early Childhood Education Tech Info, 2nd place
    *Jana DeVaul took 1st place in the State Job Interview contest, so she will advance to the National Competitions.

    Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair

    HMS and LMS results:

    Junior (6-8)

    Project Category 


    Placement/ Company Awards

    Project Title 


    Animal Science


    Grace Groebe

    1st Place

    Company Award 

    and Company Award from the Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City

    The Differences in Pigeon Vocalization from the Original Rock Pigeon to the Vocalization Differences in Average Duration of Syllables, Average Frequency of Syllables, and Number of Syllables for the Fancy Breeds of Modena Pigeons, Indian Fantail Pigeons, Archangels Pigeons, and Show Roller Pigeons

    HMS (8)


    Gerard Hickey

    2nd Place Tie

    The Effect of the Magnetic Fields on the Time for Planarian Regeneration

    LMS (6)


    Jude Golden

    2nd Place Tie

    The Effect of Different Substances on a Planarian’s Regeneration Speed and Efficiency

    LMS (6)



    Charlotte Sego and Addisyn Zachary

    1st Place Team

    The Effect of Gender on the Preferences of Scent 

    HMS (6)

    Computer Science


    Aiden Lorett

    1st Place

    The Effect of Age and Gender on Accuracy to Activate Voice-controlled Devices

    HMS (6)



    Emma Bright

    1st Place

    Novel Identification Bandage for Staphylococcus aureus

    LMS (7)

    Physics & Astronomy


    Gavin Cammack

    1st Place

    and Company Award from the United States Air Force

    The Effect of the Rocket’s Nose Design Cone on the Height

    HMS (6)

    Company Awards


    Chase Morgan

    Company Award from the American Psychological Association

    The Effect of a Mealworm on the Direction the Bearded Dragon Will Turn Their Head

    LMS (6)


    Everette Talley

    Company Award from the US EPA Region 7

    The Effect of the Soil Type on the Amount of Carbon Dioxide in the Soil Before and After Plant Growth

    HMS (6)




    2 Company Awards from the US EPA Region 7


    The Kansas City Zoo

    The Effect of the Amount of the pH in Water on the Number of Leaves Left on Lemnoideae.

    LMS (6)

    Academic Recognition


    Ethan Brummitt


    The Effect of Different Rehydration Liquids on The Amount of Electrolytes

    LMS (6)


    Quentin Zuber


    The Effect of the Angle of Foot on the Velocity of a soccer ball

    HMS (6)


    Arden Rinehart



    HMS (6)


    Alexander Echeverria


    The Effect of the Stimulus on the Mimosa Pudica Plant

    LMS (6)


    Sophia Border


    The Effects of Different Chemicals on the Color of Fire

    LMS (6)


    Miles Huntsucker


    Effect of Activated Carbon on Low-Cost Water Filtration

    LMS (6)


    Jaxon Club and Cason Koerner


    How Far Can You Throw A Football

    LMS (6)


    Ross Remley


    Genetics of Wisconsin Fast Plants

    LMS (6)

    District Solo and Ensemble Festival

    LHS and LNHS results

    (Navigate between schools using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.)

    *Exemplary ratings qualify for the State Solo and Ensemble competition

    Mid-Continent Color Guard Association

    2023 Independent Regional A Champions: Liberty Middle Jay Winter Guard

    MIJA Scholastic Journalism Day

    Liberty North winners: 

    • All-Missouri—Overall Yearbook
    • Superior--Overall Newspaper
    • Superior--Overall Broadcast Announcements with video
    • Superior--Overall Broadcast Announcements without video
    • Honorable Mention--Overall website
    • Best of Show—Online Feature Package--
    • Elise Adams, Ian Tomney, Aly Klug, Haley Dillard, Makena Dickens
    • Best of Show—Live Sports Broadcast LN vs. BS
    • Best of Show—Aly Klug and Maia Gaddis—Breaking News Online
    • Best of Show—Abby Agnew—Traditional Student Life Package
    • Best of Show—Abby Agnew—Overall theme/concept
    • All Missouri—Shay Person-- Broadcast Sports Feature Story
    • All Missouri—Ava Tucker—Broadcast News Feature
    • All Missouri—Camille Parker—Newspaper Infographic
    • All Missouri—Shay Person—Broadcast Human Interest
    • All Missouri—Angelique Ibe—Student Life Photo
    • All Missouri—Lydia Klish—Yearbook Mods
    • All Missouri—Elsie Wickham—Yearbook Writing
    • All Missouri—Adler DeGarmo—Traditional Clubs Package
    • All Missouri—Lexi Woerth—Traditional Academic Package
    • All Missouri—Madison Arnone—News Photo
    • Superior—Live Sports Broadcast Talent—Ava Levings and Kennedy Herrig
    • Superior—Online Sports Packages—Shay Person and Haley Calvin
    • Superior--Newsmagazine cover page design--Maia Gaddis
    • Superior—Broadcast Sports News Story—Ava Tucker and Breanne Toney
    • Superior—Online Feature Package—Alexis Helms,Haley Calvin, Breanne Toney
    • Superior—Online Feature Package—Maia Gaddis and Ava Tucker
    • Superior—Sports Reaction Photo--Haley Dillard
    • Superior—Academic Photo—Angelique Ibe
    • Superior—Yearbook Specialty Design--Emma Bustamante
    • Superior—Traditional Sports Package—Lydia Klish
    • Superior--Opinion Write-off--Kelsey O'Riley
    • Superior--News Write-off--Gianna Russo-Hicks
    • Excellent—Student Life Photo—Haley Dillard
    • Excellent—Portrait Photo—Haley Dillard
    • Excellent---Student Life Photo—Angelique Ibe
    • Excellent—Online Sports Package—Haley Calvin, Ava Tucker, Emery Lauber
    • Excellent—Broadcast News Feature—Elyssa Lee
    • Excellent—InDepth Feature Story—Ash Merenbloom and Oliver Bennett
    • Honorable Mention—Sports Feature/Reaction Photo-Haley Dillard
    • Honorable Mention—Sports Feature—Angelique Ibe
    • Honorable Mention—Inside Page Design—Makena Dickens
    • Honorable Mention—Infographic—Camille Parker
    • Honorable Mention—Broadcast Sports Feature—Elise Adams, Ian Tomney, Aly Klug
    • Honorable Mention—Student Life Photo--Jacob Heckadon
    • Honorable Mention—Student Life Photo—Brooke Simons
    • Honorable Mention--News Write-Off--Abbey Williams

    LHS Winners:

    Superior Mini-Documentary Sam Brusven and Olivia Davolt
    All Missouri Overall--Newsmagazine Olivia Davolt and Grace Halter
    Best of Show News Story Megan Gifford
    All Missouri Overall--Announcements with Video Lauren Pancic and Grace Halter
    Excellent Human Interest Feature Olivia Davolt and Sam Brusven
    Superior Overall--Announcements Only Megan Gifford and Cadence Brier
    Honorable Mention Live Sports Broadcast--Talent Charlie Marshall and Brooks Babcock
    Superior News Story Cheyenne Franklin
    Best of Show Sports Feature Story Brooks Babcock and Charlie Marshall
    Honorable Mention Sports News Story Morgan Gable
    Honorable Mention Sports Feature Story Lauren Pancic and Megan Gifford
    Honorable Mention Sports Reporting Brookelyn Jadwin
    Excellent News Feature Mary Biesemeyer
    Honorable Mention Indepth Feature Chloe Franklin
    Best of Show Editorial/Op-Ed Kaiya Lynch
    Superior Newspaper Inside Page Design Lucy Boyle and Sam Brusven
    All Missouri Breaking news Kaiya Lynch
    Excellent Feature package Jenna Shores
    Superior Feature package Victorya Wilkinson
    Honorable Mention Overall Lucy Boyle
    Excellent Editorial/Op-Ed Kaiya Lynch
    All Missouri Student Life/Organization Photo Claire Hamilton
    Excellent Portrait Sam Brusven
    All Missouri Photo Illustration Santana Hiatt
    Honorable Mention Sports Feature/Reaction Photo Harrison Graham
    Best of Show Academic Photo Jordan Wilt
    All Missouri Sports Kalea Faubion
    Superior Student Life/Organization Photo Sam Brusven
    Excellent Photo Illustration Sam Brusven
    All Missouri Sports Sam Brusven
    Superior Portrait Madison Remley
    All Missouri Photo Illustration Victorya Wilkinson
    Best of Show Yearbook Writing Allie Maher and Emma Seymour
    Best of Show Yearbook Mods Emersyn Holthouse and Brooklyn Young
    Honorable Mention Traditional package--Sports Brooklyn Young and Lauren Pancic
    Superior Traditional Package--Academic Riley Willis and Presley Jackson
    All Missouri Traditional package--Student Life Reese Smith and Giuliana Siraguso
    Superior Overall theme/concept Abigail Chambers and Emma Seymour
    Honorable Mention Non-Traditional Package Reese Smith and Giuliana Siraguso

    Missouri State High School Activities Association Sportsmanship Essay/PSA Contest:

    SVMS Winners:

    • Kate Gray - Essay - School winner, district winner (Kansas City area)
    • Addison Bergquist - Essay - School runner up
    • Coralyn Young - PSA - School winner, district winner (Kansas City area), overall state winner
    • Shelby Calvin - PSA - School runner up, district competitor