• Gifted Identification Procedures


    All students are screened in grades one, three, five and seven.  Parents are only notified if their child qualifies for further testing.

    The i-Ready and Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) tests are used to identify a large pool of students in grades one through seven, who might be gifted. 

    The i-Ready is a standardized achievement test. The i-Ready reading and math tests are given to all first through ninth-grade students. Third, fifth and seventh grade students will be screened in the fall, while first graders will be screened during the winter testing window. The OLSAT is an abilities test and is administered in the fall to students in grades 3, and 5. First graders are administered the OLSAT in late January through early February. 



    Students may be given the SAGES-3 and an IQ test.

    • The SAGES-3 is is a nonverbal reasoning test.  Students use pictures and shapes to make analogies.  The SAGES-3 is administered in a small group setting or to individual students.
    • The WISC-V is an IQ test that is administered individually. Liberty Public Schools uses the General Abilities Index (GAI) on the WISC-V.



    In compliance with state guidelines, students must meet the minimum score in three of the following four areas in order to receive gifted services.  In order to qualify for the Liberty Public Schools PEAK program, one of the four areas must be general mental ability or IQ.

    • General Mental Ability (IQ)
    • Academic Ability (i-Ready Achievement Tests)
    • Reasoning Ability (SAGES-3)
    • Documented evidence of exceptional performance (HOPE Rating Scale)



    Testing Timelines and Communication


    • Students will be given the SAGES-3 in their building soon after the permission slips are received.
    • Results from the SAGES-3 will be sent home within two weeks after testing.


    • Students who qualify for further testing will be given an IQ test.
    • Parents will be notified of IQ test results by letter.


    • Parents will be notified by letter if their student qualifies for gifted programming. 
    • Students who do not qualify have the opportunity to be tested again if they meet the screening criteria in third, fifth, and seventh grades.



    Parent/Guardian Request for Review

    If a student does not meet eligibility criteria during universal screening or for placement in the district's gifted program, parents/guardians may request a review of that decision by contacting the district's gifted coordinator or an administrator in the district.