• Welcome to the Liberty Public School District Facility Usage Information Website!

    Liberty Public Schools believes that our District buildings belong to the community.  Schools and buildings should be made available for community use when it does not conflict with the District's mission of educating students. 

    Resources (click on the link to view):

    ·        Board Policy KG

    ·        Procedure KG-AP(1)

    ·        General Rules and Guidelines

    ·        Fee Schedule

    ·        Hold Harmless Agreement

    ·        Sample Insurance Certificate

    ·        District Calendar (the district calendar is a good starting point to determine the availability of a facility)


    Any individual, group, or non-school organization that would like to use any of the school facilities must do so by completing the Application for Use of School Facilities.   

    When requesting use of facilities, please follow these instructions, and note that highlighted text is a link to information.

    This is a simple, five-step process: 

    1.     Determine first what District building your group would like to use.

    2.     The District requires a certificate of general liability insurance for all groups using District property. The general liability insurance must not be less than one million ($1,000,000) per occurrence             with a two million ($2,000,000) aggregate total naming Liberty Public School District as additional insured.

    3.    Click here to submit an application (the application needs to be launched in Firefox or Google Chrome).

               Facilities Use Application

    4. Attach a copy of the Certificate of Insurance

    5. Attach signed Hold Harmless Form

    Submission of the Application for Use of School Facilities constitutes a guarantee to the Board of Education that the group will be responsible for the use of facilities as outlined in Board Policy KG, and Procedure KGAP(1) Community Use of District Facilities, and the General Guidelines for Facility Usage.

    The Facilities and Grounds Department will review applications and provide approval of facility use.   In no case shall verbal commitments for facilities use be considered in any way binding upon the District.  Application is not approved until you have received e-mail confirmation from the Facilities and Grounds Department. Upon final approval, the application will serve as the permit and must be made available for review upon request by District staff during facility use. Groups failing to produce this permit will be asked to leave the premises immediately. 

    Approval of facility usage will be based on several criteria, including, but not limited to:

    How the use fits in with or impacts scheduled school activities at the site or previously approved building use activities.  
    Whether custodial or other staff help will be needed and, if so, if it is available.
    If a District employee is available to operate specialized equipment requests.
    District administered activities shall always have priority over non-district administered activities. 

    Applications for facility usage are accepted on the following schedules:

    Applications will be accepted annually as follows:

    Fall/​Winter activities (start of school year thru spring break) - Applications will be accepted beginning the first business day of August each year.
    Spring/Summer activities (after spring break thru end of summer break) - Applications will be accepted beginning the first business day of November. Please note that depending on the location requested, Spring/Summer applications for facilities / field use may not be approved until all district activities have been scheduled, which typically occurs mid-March. 
    Contact Information:

    Facilities Use Office
    Email Facilities Use Office