• Q.    My 6-year old has to walk 3 blocks to a bus stop when the bus goes right by my house,  Can't the bus stop and pick him/her up? 

    A.    No.  The guidelines are set and the routes are developed to allow studetns to be transported in a safe and efficient manner.  We can't stop and pick up your child without doing the same for other district students, the length of the route would be extended to the point that the entire group would be late for school every day.


    Q.    How far will my child have to walk to their bus stop? 

    A.    Normally, students at the secondary level will not walk more than 6 blocks and elementary not more than 3 blocks.  State guidelines are 6 blocks of all students.    


    Q.    Can I request my bus stop location be changed? 

    A.    We are happy to move your student to an existing stop on the same bus.  Requests for new stops will only be considered if there is a traffic hazard, or the walk distance exceeds the district 3 to 6 block guidelines.  The final decision lies with the Transportation Director.


    Q.  How do I report a change of Address? 

    A.    Contact the Student Services at 736-5310 as soon as possible.  Plan on providing proof of residency for the new address.  Contact Transportation 48 hours after  the address is changed for a new bus assignment.  Summer moves should be reported to Student Services immediately.  Please do not wait until the last few weeks before school starts to make this change.  There is a link in the quick links.


    Q.    What should I do if my student's bus runs late or doesn't show up at all? 

    A.    Call Transportation at 736-5360.  Sometimes a bus has mechanical problems and is delayed leaving or in route.  It is impossible to place calls to everyone on the route to let them know the bus is delayed. If your e-mail and number is correct we do try to send out parent link notifications to parents.


    Q.    What time should I be at my bus stop? 

    A.    Always be at your stop 5 minutes before your scheduled time everyday.  It is a  safety hazard for students to be running out of homes to the bus stop.  There are many blind spots around a bus.  The driver may not see your student running up to it.


    information you should know:

    Be sure your current e-mail address is correct at the transportation Department and the school.  Be sure your primary phone number is upto date with the Transportation Department and the school.  Bus letters will be e-mailed at the beginning of the school year and before the start of summer school using the epmail address on file with the District.  If you change your e-mail notify all parties immediately. In the past, some e-mails have gone to spam folders, be sure to check them.