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  • Day 2

    Readers Response

    Readers response

  • Day 3


  • WORKSHEET B: Read the sample letters. Underline thoughts or emotions the readers were triggered. Discuss.


    Read and annotate the longer letter. Underline the new thoughts and emotions the book triggered in the reader and write that emotion in the margin.


    Complete the activity. Can be the same book you used on the notecard or a new one.

  • Day 2

    Two columns of books you liked. Write response under each. Connect book with your own life, feelings.


    Half the class worksheet D: Correspond, Don’t Compliment! Others Worksheet E:  Synthesize, Don’t Summarize. 

  • Day 3

    Worksheet F- Work in small group to identify the “hook” techniques used in the samples. Students will choose one of the three passages and rewrite it used one of the techniques to grab the reader's attention. Share with people in your group.


    Worksheet G- Complete as an online quiz.