• Liberty Public Schools uses Essential Standards, standards which are identified to be essential to learning, to meet our goal to provide the guaranteed and viable curriculum expected by our Board of Education.  These identified essential standards are determined by a research-based filter to select standards in priority order maintaining the learning focus is life-worthy, essential for the next course, or measured, reported, and determined important through our Missouri Assessment Program (MAP).  The Essential Standards from core courses are listed as a cross-walk document from GLE/CLEs (2016-2017 standards) to Missouri Learning Standards (MLS) approved for implementation in 2017-2018.  


    Each course taught in Liberty Public Schools has identified essential standards included in the District’s K-12 Vertical Articulation charts if the course is included in the core sequencing toward graduation.  The Essential Standards were determined by grade-level and content area teacher teams representing all schools in the district and are reviewed annually.    Courses identified in ORANGE use Open-Educational Resources as their primary resource.

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    Decisions around resource selections are determined by district grade level and content areas teacher teams along with oversight from the Department of Innovation & Learning.  Any concerns about resources used in a class setting should be addressed to the classroom teacher.  

    Common Sector Competencies for the Greater Kansas City Region