• Local Resources

    The LPS School Social Work Resource Manual is a list of local social service agencies and programs that offer assistance to families who live in or near Liberty, Missouri. Please feel free to click on the link below to search for resources that may be helpful to you. If you are unable to find on this list the resources that you need, please feel free to contact your school’s social worker for further assistance.

  • Disclaimer

    This list is intended to provide information about resources that are available in and around the Liberty, Missouri area. This is not a comprehensive list. The Liberty School District does not recommend or promote any particular individual or agency. The resources mentioned on this document are listed in alphabetical order and are not in any preferential ranking. Before utilizing a medical, dental, vision, or mental health service, it is recommended that you obtain a list of providers that are approved by your insurance carrier. Although some of the agencies listed offer a sliding-scale or reduced charges based on financial need, you are responsible for paying for any and all accumulated charges.