• Together We Will THRIVE

    Dr. Tucker With StudentsWe are excited for the start of the 2021-2022 school year and the many opportunities that lie ahead in serving our nearly 13,000 PreK thru 12th Grade learners. Whether you are a new family to Liberty Public Schools, or have a student in our Class of 2022 that will graduate next spring, we look forward to connecting with you in the coming year.

    In the Spring of 2019, Liberty Public Schools embarked on the journey of truly defining what it means to Thrive as a learner, leader, and engaged member of our community. With an already strong foundation, our district invested in painting a clear picture of where we would go next to build on our successes and innovate for the future. Now, more than at any other time in public education, it is essential that our district narrow its focus, not only on what learning and teaching look like in the coming months and years, but also on how we will define and measure success in an ever-evolving society that values action and application of essential skills. In order to continue our constant evolution in a way that is responsive to the needs of our students, families, educators, and our community, Liberty Public Schools developed a Vivid Vision.

    The Vivid Vision includes our Graduate Profile and vision for Liberty Public Schools. The Graduate Profile identifies the skills and dispositions needed to Thrive in and beyond our school and serves as the basis for how we measure student success. The vision is designed to define how Liberty Public Schools will develop, support, enhance, and continue to evolve through five key areas: Learning, Teaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Community.

    The pandemic experienced over the last year has forced every industry, family, and individual to reassess how we learn, work, and what we value most. Although this is true for Liberty Public Schools, our Vivid Vision, along with the Strategic Plan, has served us well in how we approached our response to COVID-19 while at the same time providing a critical lens that is helping us prioritize our work toward recovery and continued excellence for all. This approach has given our district the flexibility and agility to meet the needs of our learners while grounding us in the core values and beliefs we share.

    It is our hope that you find the content within this back to school publication valuable.  As you will read on the following page, we also encourage all LPS stakeholders to remain engaged with us on our district website, which can be accessed at www.lps53.org.  We will be sharing regular updates with families on this platform leading up to the start of the 2021-2022 school year on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

    We look forward to the year ahead and welcome the opportunity for you to be involved in ensuring that all learners THRIVE.

    Dr. M. Jeremy Tucker
    Superintendent - Liberty Public Schools