Info for Seniors


    Senior TO-DO List!123RF

    College Planning for Seniors

    Fall Semester  

    • Meet with your counselor (September), Click Here  to find your assigned counselors' calendar
    • Military bound students begin talking to recruiters
    • Check on your A+ qualification status
    • Check the Counseling Department "Counseling News Flash" for college visits at LHS
    • Attend a local college fair
    • Consider applying for a job shadow or internship
    • Take an ACT Prep Class (district class or private), or complete Prep Me through Naviance
    • Create or update resume on Naviance
    • Ask and collect recommendation letters from faculty members
    • Apply to colleges
    • Add colleges to Colleges I’m Applying To list in Naviance
    • Request transcripts on Naviance
    • Complete Diploma Name Form on Counseling Department website
    • Apply to NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center if you are a student athlete
    • Visit colleges
    • Apply for scholarships
    • Request FAFSA PIN


    Spring Semester

    • Attend FAFSA Frenzy
    • Register for AP exams
    • Complete Community Scholarship Application
    • Pay Dual Credit tuition – check with your teacher
    • MALES ONLY: Sign up for selective services at 18 years old
    • Compare financial aid award packages
    • Decide on the post-secondary option that is the best fit for you and complete all required documents
    • Complete graduation survey in May


  • How to Apply Through Common App

    *Please note:The Common Application is not required for several colleges, including our state schools.  If not required, best practice may be to apply by using the college’s specific application.  Example: Use MU’s application instead of Common Application.

    Go to the Common Application guide for the steps to follow. If you are using the Common Application, you will NOT request your transcript on Naviance. Your counselor will submit your transcript through the School Report in the Common Application.

  • How do I request my transcript?

    How to Request a Transcript to a College You Have Applied

    You will follow these instructions if you have applied to a college or university NOT using Common Application.

    Click on COLLEGES I’m Applying to

    1. To add the college you applied to click on the in the RED CIRCLE + sign.
    2. Enter College name
    3. Select the App Type - Early Decision, Rolling or Regular.Direct to Institution.
    4. Check Direct to Institution
    5. Check I’ve submitted my application or leave blank if you have not applied
    6. Click on Add and Request Transcript
    7. Identify the type of transcript: Initial (beginning of the year), Mid-Year or Final
    8. Check Unofficial ACT and /or SAT Scores
    9. Verify the college you would like your transcript sent.
    10. Click on Request and Finish

    How to request a transcript to be sent to yourself, coach or scholarship

    Click on COLLEGES I’m Applying To

    1. Click on Manage Transcripts
    2. Click on RED CIRCLE + sign
    3. Click Other Transcript
    4. Identify Initial, Mid-Year or Final
    5. Select Scholarship, Athletics or Other
    6. Complete all the information

    *If you want a transcript emailed to someone or yourself, please enter the email on the address line.

    How to request a transcript to NCAA/NAIA

    Follow the instructions to request a transcript to COLLEGES

    Click on COLLEGES I’m Applying To

    • Enter NCAA and/or NAIA as a college and follow steps above.


    These are the colleges that offer Dual Credit classes for LHS students. Click the corresponding college name underneath to access their website to request your college transcripts. 


    Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods

    Missouri State University 

    Missouri University of Science & Technology 

    Northwest Missouri State University 

    Rochester Institute of Technology 

    Rockhurst University 

    University of Central Missoui 

    University of Missouri-Kansas City


  • Recommendation Letter Requests

    Students needing recommendation letters from their counselor or teachers need to follow the timetable below

    Counselors may request that you complete this Brag Sheet in order to complete your recommendation letter.



    October 15

    September 24

    November 1

    October 11

    November 15

    October 25

    December 1

    November 10

    December 15

    November 17

    January 1

    November 27

    January 15

    December 11

    February 1

    January 11

    February 15

    January 25

    This schedule allows for vacations/breaks as the counselors and teachers are not in their offices during school breaks. (For example, if your application deadline is Jan. 1st you need to have your request for a recommendation to the counselor at the end of November due to the two weeks of winter break which are not considered work time).           

    If you are late turning in your recommendation request your counselor/teacher will not have as much time to devote to your letter resulting in possibly a less comprehensive letter.  In the case of extreme lateness on the student’s part, the application deadline may be missed altogether.

  • Graduation Requirements

    Click on the document below to see the requirements to graduate from Liberty High School and the Post High School requirements

    Graduation Requirements

  • LPS Weighted GPA Information:

    Click HERE

  • Colleges Visiting LHS

    For a list of colleges with a representative coming to Liberty High School, click HERE!

  • Career Paths

    Feel free to check out some great career path information HERE!