Direct to Institution Transcript Request

    Go to:
    Select: Log In with Google 

    Accessing Application Manager
    Hover over the Colleges icon and click College Applications.

    For initial (or mid year) transcripts
    Select the school that needs a transcript by clicking the pencil icon next to the school either under Incomplete or Completed & pending.

    If it's a new application, you'll need to click on "Add application from list" in the top-left, fill in the details of the type of application, and click Save Application. Next, you'll see the application details page.
    Once on the application details page, you will notice that any required documents from counselors (like initial and midyear transcripts) are automatically requested. You do not have the ability to change these requirements, but if there's something you would like added to this list, you can email your counselor.

    You can view the history and status of the requested documents by clicking Show History for more details. Once the transcript is sent and viewed by the college you will see a Doc ID available from Parchment:

    For Final Transcripts
    To get a final transcript sent to a school, you'll need to make an enrollment decision! Check this article about indicating an enrollment decision for more information.