• What are your office hours?

    The building is open from 7am to 4pm weekdays

    How can I contact my counselor?

    Email is a great way to reach your counselor.  Click here for email and telephone contact information for our five guidance counselors.

    Do you have social workers available for students?

    Yes. Click here for contact information for our social workers.

    How can I change my schedule?

    Before the start of the new school year, you have until August 31st to request a schedule change. Once classes begin, you may only change your schedule for a few select reasons.  Request forms can be picked up in the counseling office and must be signed by a parent. 

    How do I create a Parent Powerschool account?

    To verify parent information you must come in to the counseling office with a photo ID.  Once verified, you will be given an access ID and password, along with instructions, to set up your Powerschool account. Multiple children can be grouped within one parent account.

    How do I start a club?

    Club Charter Forms may be picked up in the counseling office. The student creator must find a willing teacher/staff member to sponsor their club. Submit your club form in the counseling office.

    How do I sign up for college visit?

    College representatives will visit LHS throughout the school year. Upcoming visits will be posted outside of the counseling office and on our College/Military page. Come inside the counseling office to sign-up and receive a pass.

    How do I send my transcript?

    Current students can find detailed instructions on our Family Connection page.  Alumni can find instructions on the Registrar page.

    May I bring a non-LHS student to a school dance?

    Most, but not all, school dances allow for LHS students to bring an out-of-school guest. When those dances are near, students will receive an email with the Out-of-School Date Form attached. (Forms may also be picked up in the counseling office.)  Graduated students and students from other high schools are welcome. There is an age limit listed on the form. Documentation and signatures are required.

    What if I'm absent?

    Always call the attendance office to report an absence at 736-7050. If you are absent two or more days, contact your counselor.