LPS Nutrition Services Office

    801 Kent, Liberty MO  64068

    Phone: 816-736-5375

    Fax: 816-736-5374

    Email:  Nutrition-services-office@lps53.org




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    The Liberty Education Foundation has launched a fundraising effort to pay off meal debt accrued by Liberty Public Schools families throughout the district who now qualify for free or reduced meals.   LPS is committed to serving all students a breakfast and lunch so that learning is always first priority in our students minds.  To help continue to provide these meals to all, your donation is appreciated! 

    Graduating seniors with account balances may also donate the remaining balance to this fund!  Call our office at 736-5375 to complete this step.  Click the link to learn more about the Liberty Cares Fund or to donate!  https://libertyeducationfoundation.org/studentmeals