ACE Mentoring


  • Enlighten and increase the awareness of high school students to career opportunities in architecture, construction and engineering and related areas of the design/construct industry through mentoring; and provide scholarship opportunities for students in an inclusive manner reflective of the diverse school population.


  • The ultimate goal of the ACE Mentor Program is to motivate more high school students to pursue careers in the design and construction industry. It achieves this goal in three ways:

    1. offering a stimulating educational program that introduces students to some of the basic skills and processes needed to design and build a structure;
    2. informing students about different career paths in the design and construction industry through presentations by mentors and others;
    3. providing scholarships to students to encourage and facilitate their pursuit of post-secondary education related to the building industry.

Community Service

  • TBD

Planned Activities

  • Field trips

    • KC Area Architectural and Construction Firms, as well as the projects they are working on. (i.e. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Chiefs Stadium, Royals Stadium, Wizards Stadium.)
    • Competition project where the students work with the Professional ACE Mentors to solve real-world problems. 


  • Open to all LHS Students,
    Limit 30