• According the EBLC families, the best program aspects are:

    • The highly qualified, friendly and passionate teachers
    • A safe and clean setting
    • The classroom environment
    • Low tuition rates
    • Amazing learning experiences
    • Low ratios and small-group setting 
    • Differentiated instruction-- it is not a one size fits all type of environment.
    • Community exposure (ex. field trips, library visits, and community guests) 
    • Interaction with high school students

    What do our families think about LHS's Child Development & Teaching Laboratory- the Early Bird Learning Center?

    “This is my daughter's second (and final) year with the Early Bird Learning Center. She has grown tremendously over these years. Almost immediately her manners were better which made us very happy! She continually surprises us with what she knows (ex. addition, subtraction, counting, etc.). I would highly recommend the Early Bird Learning Center to anyone. My daughter will be starting kindergarten next year. Even though she will only be five when she starts, I feel like the Early Bird Learning Center has greatly prepared her. I have no doubt she will excel! We love the Early Bird Learning Center and the teachers.”

    “Although my son will be graduating from Early Bird Learning Center this year, he has grown and developed so much over the last two years. His writing skills have improved remarkably and he has been exposed to topics we would not have had time to introduce to him. His communication and analytical skills have also improved drastically. He loves going to school and loves his teachers which is such a blessing to not have to worry about dropping your kid off every day.”

    “This is definitely NOT a daycare. This is early education. They have structure and a schedule of activities every day that the teachers put so much time and effort into. The curriculum is based around kindergarten preparedness. They truly are like a giant family.”

    “I enjoyed the event days & nights when we are invited to visit and be in the school.”

    “I know the teachers know my child and care about him by their discussions with me. Having the one-on-one attention of high school buddies has given me direct information on what he excels at and what areas we need to work on.“

    “Early Bird Learning Center is by far the best decision I have made for my son. I can say with every confidence that he is better prepared socially and academically for kindergarten. He is a well-rounded kid because of the dedication and excellence of the Early Bird Learning Center.”

    “The program is wonderful! I can only hope kindergarten is as exceptional as the Early Bird Learning Center was for my son.”

    “The Early Bird Learning Center is a fun-filled educational day for my daughter. She loves going to school! We enjoy sitting down as a family at dinner and talking about her day.”

    “Teachers are awesome. They take time to make every student feel special and important.”

    “I was a little concerned with my daughter not learning anything new the second year, as there would be younger kids in the same classroom. I could NOT have been WRONG. She has learned so much more the second year and continues to amaze us.”

    “My daughter enjoys going to school and has progressed very well. I believe you have an excellent program with great teachers.”

    “I think the teachers do a very good job of keeping parents informed.”

    “The teachers are always actively involved in the kids' lives. They call or email when kids are absent from school. Dealing with 3-5 years olds can be filled with drama and yet the teachers always give extra attention to little ones that are struggling either with just a moody day or academic stuff. They take the time to visit with parents and get to know their concerns and then translate that into positive action in the classroom. They always ask how he is doing and communicate to me throughout the day on how he is feeling. They genuinely care about the kids.”

    “The teachers do a great job making the parents feel connected to the classroom while also making my child feel cared for as he's learning.”

    “The facility is super kid friendly and always relevant to what the kids are working on. Everything is age appropriate but is educational. The program is fantastic.”

    “The students love the teachers and the teachers love the students. The program is amazing and we are so lucky to have joined. I think the teachers do a great job of making the students and their families feel welcome.”

    “I wish more families took advantage of this program--I hope it keeps growing.”

    “My son has improved his writing and sight word skills drastically. Incorporating themes, music and books on one letter each week really makes a difference. Taking them on field trips that gives them experiences applicable to their lessons in class is priceless. My son has grown so much socially and academically in the last two years. He has benefited immensely from the program and I feel extremely confident that he is more than ready for kindergarten.”

    “I have been thrilled with the Early Bird Learning Center. Not only are the teachers fantastic but I love having a look into what my child is doing while at school. Between the handouts about weekly activities and the posts with photos and other school related items I feel fully informed about what's happening in the classroom. This is a wonderful program and I could not be happier with our experience.”

    “My son is better-rounded. His social skills & communication skills have improved. He knows how to follow rules and the concept of listening and raising his hand. He understands the roles of teachers and classmates. His exposure to teachers, high school students, classmates, guest speakers, field trips have increased his vocabulary, his dialogue, and his analytical skills drastically. He has increased his math skills and understands basic functions. He knows several sight words and even how to spell them. I credit the Early Bird Learning Center for all of his improvements. This program has been fantastic and has given him countless opportunities to learn new things (ex. writing his name, numbers, etc.). I think it has also helped him learn that there will be other grown-ups in his life that he will need to learn from and listen to...not just his mom and dad.”

    “The teachers do a great job making the parents feel connected to the classroom, while also making my child feel cared for as he is learning." 

    “I think the teachers do a great job of making the students and their families feel welcome.”

    “Love the Early Bird Learning Center teachers.”

    “I love that the school takes them on field trips.”

    “This is my son's first year at the Early Bird Learning Center and the difference between the school he was at and the Early Bird Learning Center is vast!”

    “I like that we are informed about what the kids are learning and the photos on the blog are always appreciated.”

    “I like that my son gets to interact with high school students that are in the education classes.”

    “We would love for everyone to know how wonderful this program is! We have been and are extremely pleased with everything. Keep it up!”

    “We love the awesome teachers, community involvement, wonderful field trips, high school kids, and educational content... we just love everything about this school!”

    “Our children are thriving, learning, having fun, and having their individual needs met!”

    “The teachers are great! They work extremely hard to prepare such meaningful lessons.”

    “We could not be happier! Every level of learning and preparation for kindergarten is being covered. Awesome program!”

    “It is really preparing them for kindergarten in a positive manner. They even use the same programs that are used in elementary school.”

    “Our children love learning and are excited to go to school every single morning-- that speaks volumes.”

    “I very much feel that the Early Bird Learning Center teachers are nothing but positive towards the children. No matter the weather, they are always at the sidewalk with huge smiles and welcoming arms each and every day." 

    “I think the teachers do a great job of making the students and their families feel welcome.”

    “Love the Early Bird Learning Center teachers.”

    “The teachers are very welcoming. We know the children are in the best care. “

    “It is the best and most thorough pre-k program we have experienced. It challenges our child to do things that we as parents overlook.”

    “We love how much our child is learning and we are confident he will be more than ready for kindergarten.”

    “We love this school! Our children have developed their problem solving skills, levels of confidence, love of learning, and overall understanding of how to learn. “

    “Best pre-k education a child can receive. Our daughter is learning Spanish, can recite the Pledge of Allegiance and is being exposed to so much more than we could ever imagine. “

    “Our child loves school and has developed so much since becoming an Early Bird! We feel lucky our child gets to go here. He loves it!”

    “This school is wonderful and we love it! The students attend community-based field trips, learn a lot and are ready for kindergarten.”

    “The biggest thing I believe the program offers is preparation for their school years. I have found that other "pre-ks" are more of a daycare or childcare type of setting. I appreciate that this is a school with certified teachers and within a school environment. My child is learning the skills he will need in the future.”

    “The EBLC is a great school and learning environment. It is awesome the way the high school students include, embrace and interact with the children.”

    “Ms. Mallams is always smiling and welcoming with a hug to all the children. I do not think I have ever seen her in a bad mood. “

    “Ms. Mallams really cares for the kids she is teaching. She is always hugging them upon arrival and before they leave. Ms. Mallams is also very easy to talk to about my child and keeps us up-to-date on what the kids are learning. It is pretty clear that Ms. Mallams is very passionate about teaching and I feel lucky that my son is in her class.”

    “Ms. Mallams is kind and gentle, and always has something positive to say. I feel very comfortable speaking with Ms. Mallams about my child. She is amazing and passionate!!!”

    “Ms. Mallams is a positive, caring and loving teacher to our child.”

    “Ms. Mallams is wonderful! She is excited about teaching, excited about learning, and excited about our children!”

    “Ms. Mallams is great! __________ loves her!” 

    “_____ speaks very highly of Ms. Mallams. Her positive attitude makes going to school a pleasure for my daughter.”

    “Ms. Mallams has been a fabulous addition to the Early Bird Learning Center family!”

    “Love Ms. Mallams and her enthusiasm… she seems to truly love her work with the kids.”

    “Ms. Mallams has added so much to the program this year! Her passion for education especially early education is awesome. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does for the kids. She has a great way of communicating to them and making the kids feel valued while still teaching them important lessons. She has contributed so much in such a short time to the program, the blog being my favorite. Being able to see what the kids are doing each day and see their videos and pictures are priceless. My son adores Ms. Mallams and I know Ms. Mallams adores him. She truly does care about her class and it shows. She always takes time to respond thoughtfully to concerns or questions either by Facebook or email. She is very involved and works with parents to maximize the opportunities for each kid.”

    “Love Ms. Mallams and her enthusiasm… she seems to truly love her work with the kids.”

    “Ms. Mallams is very good and learning fast! She is wonderful!”

    “Ms. Mallams has always kept me informed about what is going on at school.”

    “This was our first year with Ms. Mallams and my daughter has nothing but the nicest things to say about her. She says that Ms. Mallams is always smiling and makes her laugh.”

    “Ms. Mallams is extremely conscientious and caring.”

    “Ms. Mallams does a great job communicating what is going on and what is going to happen in the classroom. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping parents in the loop.”

    “We feel that Ms. Mallams does a fantastic job of making each individual child feel welcome. For about the first month of school, our daughter would actually shake with excitement before getting out of the car in anticipation of her “good morning hug” during drop off. She still loves it to this day!”

    “Ms. Mallams and her positive demeanor, especially at drop off, have made a huge positive difference!”