Photo Information

Be Picture Perfect

    • Your cap should be flat on top of your head. Tassel should be on the right side of your  face.
    • No adornment is allowed on your cap or gown. It must be free of corsages, glitter, and jewelry.
    • Don't chew gum.
    • Accept diploma in your left hand.
    • Remember to shake with your right hand.
    • Wear dress shoes. Avoid a trip, tie your shoes, and watch heel height.
    • Cell phones, cameras, ipods, car keys, purses, etc. need to be left with your family or at the student check-in table. You can pick your items up after the recession at the student   check-in table.
    • You must have your name card.
    • Once on stage pass the card to Mr. Winkler.
    • If your name may be difficult to pronounce, please phonetically spell out your name.
    • After receiving your diploma, move your tassel to the left.

Photo Ops

  • Pictures of graduates will be taken during the ceremony by Dice Photography. You will receive info from Dice once your photos are available on their website.
    Commencement video - Broadcast staff will provide a recorded video link following the ceremony