LPS Early College Academy

  • Earn college credit while attending LHS!

    The part-time LPS Early College Academy is an option for all students entering their junior or senior year of high school who meet the qualification standards outlined below. Students who pursue this opportunity will attend MCC-Maple Woods for half of the school day. Transportation is available at designated times to and from Maple Woods. Students engaged in Early College Academy are still considered full-time LPS students, and are eligible for all MSHAA athletics and activities. Note – enrollment in the program will be limited for the 2023-2024 school year. If more students apply for the program than we can place, qualifying students will be selected randomly to participate in the program.


    • Students will earn up to 12 college hours/semester of enrollment at MCC-Maple Woods at NO COST for families.
    • These college courses will count toward high school graduation requirements AND toward a college degree.
    • These courses may be part of the CORE 42 that are transferable to any publically-funded 4-year college or university in Missouri (additional information on CORE 42 is available below).
    • Students can make substantial progress toward earning an Associate of Arts.
    • Transportation will be provided for students from their home high school and back to their high school to complete their school day for MCC classes during designated times.



    1. Complete the LPS Early College application
    2. Complete the MCC application
    3. Take ACT or Accuplacer
      • Take the ACT by registering at www.act.org (cost $52). Speak to your counselor if you think you may be eligible for a fee waiver. -- Qualifying Scores: ACT Composite=18, ACT Math=22, ACT English=18
      • Or, take the Accuplacer. Free! You must apply to MCC at www.mcckc.edu to get a student ID number. To check the testing schedule, click  mcckc.edu/testing/. Call 816-604-1000 for more information --Take the Accuplacer at LHS on February 16th at 9 AM. Limited to the first 40 students. LHS Accuplacer registration. Register before Wednesday, Feb. 8th. 
      • Qualifying Scores: English and Math scores must meet ENG101 and Math115 or higher.
    4. Submit the score report to the counseling office


    • Current Junior or Senior
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • Official student disciplinary records from school.
    • Record of 90% attendance.
    • College Readiness-Students need a qualifying ACT MCC placement Test score that places them into college level classes at MCC. ACT or MCC Accuplacer results must be submitted no later than 3.16.2023.
    • Completed application and a signed agreement to abide by the expectations and responsibilities of the LPS Early College Academy
    • Completion of the MCC application for enrollment.
    • Discussion with Director of Advanced Studies or his designee.

     For additional information click here.

    Missouri CORE 42 College Course Transfer

    What does CORE 42 mean for you or your student?

    All college courses that are listed as a part of the CORE 42 course of study are transferable to any other public college or university in the state of Missouri. This legislation went into effect on January 1, 2018, so your student is assured that any course s/he takes at MCC within the CORE 42 will count toward a 4-year degree at any other public institution in this state.

    If your student completes all CORE 42 requirements, or an Associates of Art degree from a MO community college, s/he will not be required to take any additional general educational requirements at the university. Students who do not complete the CORE 42 or full Associate of Arts will still receive credit for the courses that have been completed toward a 4-year degree.

    This information is summarized from the CORE 42 manual produced by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The full document including a comprehensive listing of exact course transfers, is here: https://dhe.mo.gov/core42.php

    Note: Not all classes listed on the document are available at MCC-Maple Woods.