• Early College Academy Attendance Information

    As with most other off-campus programs, the MCC schedule and LPS schedules do not completely match. 

    When MCC is in session (including your College 100 course that is taught by LPS Staff), but LPS is not, students are required to attend classes at MCC Maple Woods.  The attendance policy at MCC Maple Woods is more strict that at LPS and LPS has no control over the enforcement of the attendance policies at MCC Maple Woods. 

    When LPS is in session, but MCC is not, families will be notified if attendance in person is expected.  Typically, this will be at the beginnnig or end of semesters for campus tours, orientations, or textbook pick up/turn in.

    The first day of school for the Early College Academy is typically the middle of August regardless of the official start date of LPS.


  • Attendance Procedures

    Students are required to sign in daily upon arrival at MCC-Maple Woods.  Failure to sign in before attendance is submitted from MCC to LPS will result in the student being marked absent at LPS.  This process will be explained during orientation.  It is critical to note - if you do not sign in in time, you will be marked absent at LPS.

    If you do not have a Friday class, students have the following options: they can go to MCC-Maple Woods to utilize the college facilities, check in with their high school and remain in a designated location, or check out of their high school and leave campus.  Students without a class on Friday will be counted present without having to sign in as the sign in sheet will designate they do not have a MCC-Maple Woods class on Fridays.