Application Deadlines for the 2023-2024 LPS Early College Academy

    Stage 1: The Following LPS Application Items must be completed no later than 2/17/2023 (late submissions will be accepted if there are seats remaining in the program).  This includes:

    1. Completion of the LPS Early College Application Google Form

    2. Completion of MCC application for enrollment (LPS staff will verify with MCC Staff)

    *You are considered an In District student for MCC when you fill out your application

    **You will be notified you are accepted when you fill out the MCC application - MCC accepts all students (This does not indicate acceptance into the LPS Early College Academy Program)

    The Director of Advanced Studies will review applicants' GPA, attendance rates, and Discipline History upon submission of your application, these do not need to be submitted.


    Stage 2: Students must have taken and received a valid qualifying score report from either the ACT or the MCC Accuplacer no later than 2/24/2023.  This deadline will be extended only if we do not fill all seats in the program.  You can see the qualifying scores in the Minimum Student Requirements section.

    1. Students who do not have qualifying ACT scores and who cannot complete an ACT test in time to get scores may take the Accuplacer exam at MCC-Maple Woods or during a possible test day at their home high school if one can be arranged.


    Stage 3: Students who meet the entry requirements and are selected for the program will receive an acceptance email and must later attend a meeting with the Director of Advanced Studies. 

    1. The student will attend the scheduled meeting with a Parent/Guardian and sign an initial Early College Academy Agreement to maintain their place in the program.


    Wait List Process: Any student who meets all requirements except the test entry requirements will be notified via email and placed on a waiting list.  Students may move off the waiting list and into the program if they submit qualifying test scores and seats remain open in the program.  An email will be sent to all students who are on the waiting list once there are no seats remaining in the program so they can decide if they wish to keep testing in the event a seat opens in the program. 

    *The application process will be re-opened if there is still space in the program after all original applicants have been evaluated and placed.