• International Culture Resources


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    Mid-Continent Resources  School Username is library card number

     MCPL  Tips

     Noodletools Open project before you begin  Culturegrams
    • Search Country
    • Menu on right for more specific topic
    • Copy/paste citations 
    • Search- Country
    • Select People & Culture dropdown menu to the left.
    • Copy/paste MLA citation into Noocletools.
    • Search Country Culture
    • Citations export directly to Noodletools.   
    W Geo
    • Select Country from menu
    • Topic links on left
    • Copy/paste MLA citation in Noodletools 


    Magazines from other countries and other languages.

    Find these on your Sora app.

    Must cite articles using editor in Noodletools 

    Short videos Learn 360
    • Search -Country Culture
    • Citations export directly to Noodletools