• Liberty Public Schools Academic Services Department Flexible “Extended” Learning Days for Pre K-12 Students

    In the event of school closures, it is impossible to completely replicate what an on-site regular school day looks like through an online learning environment. Students cannot be expected to follow their normal schedule, or be online for a full day of learning. Instead, the vast majority of the work that we ask our students to do will involve them learning at their own pace and engaging in learning activities/class assignments at a time that works best for LPS students and families.

    Our flexible “extended” learning days are meant to be used in emergency situations to:

    • Continue student learning experiences during a prolonged school closure.
    • Provide some normalcy for students through engagement in learning activities and connection to teachers.

    In the case of a school shutdown, Liberty Public Schools will implement flexible “extended” learning days and provide alternative methods of instruction using several platforms. Below, you will find details about what this looks like for PreK-12 students.  In addition, you will find a link to Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does Instruction Look Like For Students

    Early Childhood Center   Elementary Schools  Middle Schools

    High Schools  IEPs & 504s


    LPS Announces THRIVE on Five Plan
    As we settle into virtual learning for the last few weeks of school, we have taken the input from our recent survey to offer an opportunity for learning that fits our goal of personalized learning for our students. This will be done by offering a choice board for learning aligned with our District’s Graduate Profile.  To learn more, click here.

    How Will Grading be Handled During the School Closure?

    The LPS Department of Academic Services shared plans on how grading will be handled during the extended school closure with staff, students, and families on Monday, April 13, 2020.  To view this message, click here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please look over this document to address some of the questions you may have regarding extended learning.

    Technology Support for Students

    • Submit Student Work Order for technology issues.
    • For technical support parents and students can email the helpdesk at helpdesk@lps53.org or call 816-736-7078.
    • For students without internet access at home, hotspots are available for checkout through the Technology Department. Please call 816-736-5300 or 816-736-7078.

    Tips for Managing Virtual Learning at Home

    In a virtual learning environment, students will need to practice a different set of skills to complete work and not take steps backwards during a possible prolonged period away from school. Here are some tips that will help families and students to manage and be successful in a digital learning environment.

    • Manage your time - Be realistic of the time that it may take to complete tasks assigned by your teachers. Set aside consistent time every day to complete your school work and be diligent with your time. 
    • Stay connected with your teachers - Your teachers will be posting work and providing assignments and feedback on a daily basis. Stay connected by logging into your school’s learning platform and checking your email daily. All communications will now be digital so be sure to check consistently.
    • Take regular breaks - Build in breaks throughout  the day. It is important to stay active and keep a regular sleep schedule. 
    • Limit distractions - During the time you have set aside to work, try to create a workspace free from distractions. We all work differently but finding a quiet place to complete your work and turning off social media notifications can go a long way to helping with focus.
    • Find time to be social - Virtual learning can be isolating and it is important to create opportunities to be social, even if it is using digital tools. 
    • Set goals - One of the most effective strategies for virtual learning is to set and keep track of goals.