• High Schools

    High School students are able to access all coursework through the Canvas portal. To every extent possible, our goal is to continue to provide clear, purposeful, and relevant learning experiences. Each teacher will upload lessons through the Canvas class sites by 8:30am daily. Teachers may also choose to post lessons and assignments for the entire week, but teachers will be accessible daily to provide assistance and answer questions. 

    Students may experience a variety of learning options such as recorded lectures or lessons, discussion boards, assessments, and video conferencing. Students need to be mindful of announcements sent by their teachers for access times. Teachers will post availability times both in the morning and in the afternoon.  Students are encouraged to communicate with their teachers via Canvas or school email if they need to set up additional times for consultation. 

    Teachers will post due dates for assignments within Canvas. Students are responsible for reaching out to teachers if they cannot complete assignments by the designated timelines to arrange a plan with the teacher.    

    Students who are without the ability to work virtually and require printed information, are responsible for contacting their teachers in order to make arrangements for materials to be printed and available for pick up at the LPS Copy Center (801 Kent Street/Liberty, MO).  

    Secondary Flexible Learning Expectations

    LPS Video-Conferencing Guidelines

    LPS Virtual Learning Guidelines


    How Will Grading be Handled During the School Closure?
    The LPS Department of Academic Services shared plans on how grading will be handled during the extended school closure with staff, students, and families on Monday, April 13, 2020.  To view this message, click here.

    FAQ Grading/ Proficieincy Reporting Guidelines