Daily Check-ins

  • Your HMS Counselors would love to hear from you! So here is a daily check in (optional, of course!) so you can let us know how you're doing.

  • Control Factors

Pro Tips from your HMS Counselors

  • We recognize life has thrown us some big changes lately! And we know life changes, big or small, can be challenging for us emotionally. Each person must find what works best for himself/herself when faced with stress, anxiety, and other overwhelming feelings. Below are some coping strategies to try for fun... or to calm your soul and lift your spirits.

    The HMS Top 7 - Ways to Cope

    • Use our HMS Counselors Daily Check Ins. It's a chance to think about and share how things are going for you. PLUS We'd love to hear how you're doing!
    • Spending so much time in close quarters with your family members can be so rewarding!! AND so frustrating! You can go to your room to get away for a bit, but remember to come back out! Here is a Cool Breathing exercise which helps calm overwhelming emotions when stressed.
    • Journaling can be done on your computer in a google doc...or check out online journal options such as Daylio and Penzu. Old fashioned notebooks are ALSO great for journaling! You don't have to write; you can draw, write songs...maybe write some new jokes for Mrs. Collins!
    • Helping others is great for YOUR mental health!!  Look for ways you can help others (parents/siblings) in your home. Being kind to yourself and your family will make a difference for YOU and for them.
    • Exercise and fresh air! While you can’t go outside and hang with friends, you CAN go outside and just breathe. You can exercise INSIDE, too. Your PE Coaches have taught you lots of moves for this. If you need ideas moving forward, be sure to ask them. They are our experts!!
    • Call people...your grandparents, your cousins, your friends...talk and laugh about fun memories. Discuss things you’d like to do when things settle. Make a plan to talk again in a few days before you hang up!
    • Keep a loose schedule. Make plans for the next two or three days.
      • get up at a certain window of time (it doesn’t have to be too early!)
      • go to bed at (about) a designated time
      • do school work during a certain timeframe
      • help with chores, cooking, etc., at a certain time
      • practice your dance moves for TikTok in the mirror at a certain time
      • You get the idea!

    Remember to focus your energy on what you can control. Be sure to reach out to your counselors if you need any support!

    We miss you all!