Summer Reading Adventure

  • Bitmoji ImageOne of my favorite parts about summer is extra time to read! It's fun to learn new things or have adventures when you read books. We would like to invite you to join in our Franklin "Summer Reading Adventure." Here is how to participate...

    1. Print off the "Summer Reading Adventure" Bingo card for your upcoming grade level using the links below

                      Bingo Cards

                      Grade 3 Summer Reading Adventure

                      Grade 4 Summr Reading Adventure

                      Grades 1 -2 Summer Reading Adventure

    2. Do the activities and fill in the card as you complete them

    3. Return the card to Mrs. Howerton or Mrs. Beatty in August when we return to school

    4. Celebrate summer reading with a "sweet treat" in the library. 

    We hope you will spend some time this summer enjoying books!                                                                read    

    Other ways to participate in summer reading...