Liberty Virtual Secondary Staff

  • A detailed listing of our Liberty Virtual staff will be made available here when staffing is finalized. Please note we will replace all staff pages with the images and additional information by September 11. Thank you for your patience.

    The best way to reach our LVS teachers is to send them an email and they can respond and/or call you back. On our staff lists you will also see the teacher's home school number listed. You can call that number and request to go to voice mail or call (816) 736-5320 and be transferred as well. You can expect teachers to respond within 24-48 hours unless delayed by unforeseen circumstances.

    Middle School Teachers

    Teacher Course
    Jaimie Robeson ELA 6
    Kelly Dale ELA 7
    Laura Green ELA 8
    Rebecca Groebe Gifted ELA & Gifted Science
    Amy LaPlant Gifted Math
    Jamie Miller Gifted Math
    Tara Zuber Math 6
    Erika Duggan Math 7
    Cynthia Deftleson Math 8 / Alg 1
    Jordan Nelson Music
    Phillip Hoover-Holthus Music/Theater/Speech
    Spencer Wilkins PE
    Brad Collins PE
    Jared Smith PE
    Saree Morley PE
    Jeff Burnham Science 6
    Garrick True Science 7
    Brittany Paddock Science 8
    Marie Goeglein Social Studies 6
    Paul Ozier Social Studies 7
    Eric Langhorst Social Studies 8
    Christine Mills Spanish 8
    Ginny Kiely SPED
    Lisa Oliphant SPED
    Mike Williams SPED
    Holly Logan SPED

    High School Teachers

    Teacher Course
    Brittan Wilson AP Biology
    David Chatlos Business
    Melissa Taylor EIP
    Briday Ware ELA
    Mitchell Unruh ELA
    Hannah Lamas ELA
    Kimberly Brownlee ELA
    Alysse Trusty Fine Arts
    Melissa Allshouse Fine Arts
    Wendy Sohm Fine Arts
    Cynthia Biermann German
    Stefan Frank German
    Ken Peek Health/PE - MS & HS
    Jennifer Higgins Journalism
    Ali Smith Math
    Tiffany Waller Math
    Maddie Backes Math
    Wesley McCully Math
    Tim Anderson Network 53 Interships
    Dustin Sollars Network 53 Interships
    Chad Frigon PE
    Shannon Jenson Practical Art
    Brad Gallow Science
    Elise Carpenter Science
    Gretchen Hubinger Science
    Mary Coogan Science
    Damon Jasperson Social Studies
    Josh Griffis Social Studies
    Tim Baldwin Social Studies
    Nora Hill Social Studies
    Paige Ferreri Social Studies
    Stephanie Demaree Spanish
    Veronica Faulkner Spanish - MS & HS
    Amelia Westfall SPED
    Andy Gonino SPED
    Carrie Kendall SPED
    Crystal Byrd SPED
    Dannie Ravenscraft SPED
    Emily Simpson SPED
    Jessica King SPED
    Joe Badalucco SPED
    Matt Estep SPED
    Matt Saucier SPED
    Patrick Williams SPED
    Sabrina Grant SPED
    Sam Griffin SPED
    Tausha Smith SPED
    Jake Gassman SPED
    Jeff Braden SPED
    John Sevier SPED
    Kristi Batte SPED
    Sean Lawler SPED
    Tom Regan SPED