Federal Programs

  • Liberty Public Schools provides the following services through these federally funded programs: 

    • Title I - Programs for Economically Disadvantaged Students 

    LPS has three schools that are eligible for Title I funds. All three schools have chosen to implement a schoolwide Title I program, allowing them the flexibility to provide any student in their school with Title I funded support. Click below to view each schools’ Title I Schoolwide Plan. 


    Manor Hill


    Title I funding also supports programming in our Early Childhood Center. 

    • Title I.D - Programs for Neglected and Delinquent Institutions

    Title I.D funds support additional services for students who are included in programs for Neglected or Delinquent Institutions. Liberty provides funding to support the Boys Group Home, Girls Group Home, and the Juvenile Justice Center. 

    • Title II - Supporting Effective Instruction 

    The goals of Title II are to provide funding to school districts to increase student achievement, improve the quality of educators, and provide economically deprived and minority students with greater access to highly qualified teachers and administrators.  

    • Title III - IMM & EL - Services to support Immigrants and English Language Learners

    Title III funds support additional services for students who are Immigrants and English Language Learners. To learn more about ELL programing, please check out the LPS English Language Department website.  

    • Title IV - Student Support and Academic Enrichment

    Title IV seeks to improve student achievement by increasing district capacity to provide all students with a well-rounded education, improve conditions for learning, and improve the use of technology (DESE Federal Programs Administrative Manual, 2018).