Section 504 Evaluation & Eligibility

  • The district will take measures to identify and locate every student with disabilities and take steps to notify the students and their parents/guardians of the district's obligations to provide the student education and accommodations, if necessary.

    The district will conduct a 504 evaluation of any student who needs or may need accommodation due to a disability. Once notified and provided information that a student may have a physical or mental impairment that could qualify as a disability, the compliance officer or designee will provide the parent/guardian and/or student a copy of the procedural safeguards, notice of evaluation, and obtain written consent to evaluate. 

    The 504 team will meet to examine the existing information and determine if the student is eligible for accommodations under the law. To be eligible as a student with a disability, the student must have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Not all students with medical impairments are eligible as disabled under the law.

    When making a determination, the 504 team will consider the effect the impairment has on the student's performance in comparison with children at the same age or grade in the general population. The 504 team will not consider mitigating measures except for ordinary eyeglasses or contacts.

    If the 504 team determines that the student has a disability as defined in law, the 504 team will determine educational placement necessary to provide a free and appropriate public education. Accommodations may include the Academic Setting, Non-academic Setting, Facilities, Transportation, and Extracurricular Activities. Some students who are eligible may not require any services or accommodations.

    The accommodations or services determined necessary by the 504 team and the details regarding those accommodations will be recorded in the 504 plan, provided to the parents/guardians in writing and maintained by the district. Information regarding the 504 plan will be provided to all district staff as necessary to ensure that the accommodations are provided to the student.

Section 504 Plans in the Virtual Setting

  • When school attendance is virtual, students with a 504 Plan will be provided with instruction and materials in the same manner as general education students. Modifications and accommodations, as noted in a student’s 504 Plan, will be provided to the extent possible and necessary, based on the type of instruction. Some accommodations may not be applicable with online learning (ex: success/behavior plans, visits to the nurse, etc.). If you have questions about your child’s 504 accommodations, please contact their school counselor.