• Registration and Ordering 2022-2023 Yearbooks 

    Yearbook Orders for 2022-2023 open on June 1, 2022

    1. Go to www.yearbookforever.com
    2. Under “School Name” type Liberty High School
    3. Under “City” type Liberty
    4. Click on the Liberty High School in MO
    5. Click 2022-2023
    6. Fill in your information

    ATTENTION: If you buy a Senior Ad, this does NOT mean you automatically purchase a yearbook. Please purchase BOTH a yearbook and a Senior Ad.

    These are the times set for Reed Portrait group to take your composite photos for the yearbook. If you have any specific questions please email alewis@reedportraitgroup.com All photos will be taken at Liberty High School.
    Seniors' last chance pictures for the yearbook will be on Wednesday, October 26 in the Blackbox Theater (7am-12pm)
    Back to School Photos - August 11, 9am-2pm
                                                August 12, 11am-6pm
    Faculty photo time, Wednesday, August 18, at 9:15am

    Underclassmen (UC) Make-up and Staff Individuals on September 15 and October 26 in the Blackbox Theater (7am-12pm)

    ·   1 camera for UC/Staff Retake Day and 1 camera for Senior Last Chance on Tues, October 26

    ·   Club Photo Day on Friday, November 4 in Cokely Gym

    Yearbook Class

    Students selected for this course will have the opportunity to become a published writer and the responsibility of producing The Spectator yearbook. While designing the pages of the yearbook, students will be instructed in basic principles of magazine layout, design and graphic arts. Students will also write feature stories (in AP style) to be used in the various sections and put together sidebar creations throughout. Staffers are able to learn new techniques and to take on new important roles in leadership and management. They are also invited to partake in many workshops around KC, the State and Nationally. This class is a real resume builder! You must fill out an online application to be considered.

    Photojournalism Class

    Students selected for this course learn various techniques in taking and developing photographs. A primary goal is to provide pictures for the yearbook and newspaper, but staffers will also get a chance to partake in many photography contests and workshops. The average assignments send our photographers backstage at plays, to the sidelines of games and even to the front of our assemblies. All students will have the opportunity to write captions (in AP style) and move up in responsibility and growth. This class will build your portfolio! You must fill out an online application to be considered.

MIPA State Journalism competition Photo Of the Month

Photo by Katie Glasford
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