• EDGE students will take 5 of the course options below with EDGE teachers, plus Global Activism. EDGE students will be able to push out of the EDGE classrooms to take at least 2 classes in the regular high school setting or online. This will allow students to access high school course offerings that are not available within EDGE.

    Access the EDGE Course Catalog for full course descriptions.

    EDGE Course Offerings for 22-23 School Year

    English Language Arts

    ELA 9 (1 Credit)

    Pre-AP English 1 (1 Credit)

    ELA 10 (1 Credit) 

    Advanced ELA 10 (1 Credit)

    ELA 11 (1 Credit) 

    Advanced ELA 11 (1 Credit)

    ELA 12 (1 Credit) 

    Advanced ELA 12 (1 Credit)

    AP Language and Composition (1 Credit)

    Global Literature (1 Credit) 



    Geometry (1 Credit)

    Algebra II (1 Credit) 

    Probability and Statistics I (.5 Credit)

    Probability and Statistics II (.5 Credit)

    Global Mathematics (.5 Credit) 



    Biology (1 Credit)

    Honors Biology (1 Credit) 

    Theoretical Chemistry (1 Credit) 

    Honors Theoretical Chemistry (1 Credit)

    Physics (1 Credit) 

    Earth and Space (1 Credit)

    AP Environmental Science (1 Credit) 


    Social Studies

    American History (1 Credit)

    World History (1 Credit)

    American Government (1 Credit)



    Personal Finance (.5 credit)

    Business Management (.5 credit)


    Fine Arts

    Art History (.5 Credit) 

    Global Creations (.5 Credit) 


    Practical Arts

    International Culinary (.5 Credit) 

    Intro to Fashion Fundamentals (.5 Credit) 

    Intro to Child Development (.5 Credit)



    Contemporary Issues (.5 Credit) 

    International Relations (.5 Credit)

    Debate (1 credit) - LHS students only due to MSHHA

    Advanced Debate (1 credit) - LHS students only due to MSHHA

    Sociology (.5 Credit) 

    Network 53 Internship (2 Credits) 11th-12th Only

    AP Seminar (1 Credit) 10th-12th Only 

    AP Research (1 Credit) 11th-12th Only

    Global Leadership (1 Credit / Dual Credit) *Pending Board Approval

    Global Activism (.25 credit per year) - Required course for all EDGE students 


    International Language Options

    Spanish I (1 Credit) 

    Spanish II (1 Credit)

    Spanish III (1 Credit)

    Japanese I and II (will be offered through Launch) (1 Credit)