• Bus FOBs are used to take attendance on each bus. There are several advantages of having real time attendance.

    1. From the main office, transportation can know when and where each student gets off the bus. 
    2. Parents can see on the Bus Compass app where the student's bus is and where and when the student got on and off the bus.
    3. In the event of an emergence, severe weather, or traffic incident, we have an accurate bus roster at our fingertips.
  • How do I see my students on the Bus Compass?

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    You can register with the app using either your phone number or email that you have in Power School. These requirements must be met to receive student information in the app:

    1. You must be listed as having custody.

    2.  Your email and phone must match what is entered into Power School.

    3.  You must be one of the first two positions.


    Why so strict? this protects your children from anyone else seeing them. They can only be viewed by your phone or email, so any unauthorized attempts will result in you receiving an access code. If you did not give permission for the person to have access, simply do not give them the access code.


    Only you as the guardian may share your "access" with someone you select (i.e. daycare provider, grandparent, etc.) to receive the app information. And their code will always come to you first.

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  • How do I get the bus app?

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    The bus app is called Bus Compass and is available in Apple and Android app stores at no charge. 

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  • Can the bus FOBs be tracked?

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    The bus fob contains hundreds of random numbers that are selected at random by the position they appear to create a student number. That student number requires a reader configuerd to the FOB set up specifications to read it. The only purpose of the FOB is to supply a number the bus system interprets into a student name. The FOB cannot be tracked.

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