• Northland Career Center


    The Norhtland Career Center (NCC) is located in Platte City, Missouri. The NCC develops relevant, quality programs to prepare students for a continually changing world.  Please follow the NCC Links to learn more about the programming available to LPS students and find their application process. 

    Admissions Rerquirements:

    1. Complete the online application during the application window.  For the 2022-2023 school year, the window is now open and will remain open through the first week of school next year (or until all seats in the NCC program are filled).  Students applying to NCC by February 17th have a better chance of being placed in their program of choice. 

    2. While there are no set admissions requirements to attend the NCC, there are limited seats.  For this reason, NCC staff use an Enrollment Scoring Rubric that looks at your attendance, GPA, Career Goals, participation in visiting/Shadowing at the NCC, and the date by which you submitted your application. 

    3. Note - students are not gaurunteed a placement at the Northland Career Center.