• Early College Academy

    Application deadline: FEBRUARY 17, 2022.

    This program allows high school juniors and seniors attend MCC-Maple Woods to take college classes in the mornings or afternoons on Maple Woods' campus.  Students will get high school and college credit.  If accepted, students can drive or take the bus to morning or afternoon college classes.  See your counselor for more information. Liberty Public Schools Early College Academy website


    1.  Complete application. (CLICK HERE!)

    2.  Apply to Maple Woods. Go to MCCKC.EDU

    3.  Take the ACCUPLACER if you do not have an ACT score or do not meet the ACT score requirement. 

    The Accuplacer is FREE! You must apply to MCC at www.mcckc.edu to get a student ID number. Option #1-Testing begins at 8am M-F, at Maple Woods. Call 816-604-1000 for more information --

     Option #2- (CLOSED) LNHS will host the Accuplacer on February 17th at 8 AM. Limited to the first 40 students. LNHS Accuplacer Registration. Scores will be available immediately and sent to Dr. Saluri to complete the application requirements. 

    4.  Submit your ACCUPLACER score report to the counseling office if taken directly at MCC.



    Click HERE to view the Early College Flyer.