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    ALL students have been assigned a CANVAS course that corresponds with their graduating year (EX: LNHS Class of 2023). 

    In that course, there is an ICAP Module where the ICAP is embedded as an ASSIGNMENT. Students must submit the assignment each year.



    Class of 2023 - Seniors:

         Counselors offer individual meetings with Seniors to review their ICAP information and talk about next steps in the action process for making those post-secondary plans come to be reality. Our goal is to meet with EACH Senior individually during the first month of school so we can know how we can support.


    Class of 2024 (Juniors), 2025 (Sophomores), 2025 (Freshmen)

         Counselors meet with students in Math class the first week of October to go over preliminary ICAP information. Counselors then meet with students individually to further get to know students are discuss their ICAP in greater depth. Generally, Sophomores meetings take place in October, Junior meetings in November, and Freshmen in December/January.

    Please understand counselors have nearly 400 students with whom we are looking to meet, so it will take some time to get to everyone!



    Students will schedule their own appointments using the CALENDLY links on the Home page for their CANVAS course that corresponds with their graduating class (EX: LNHS Class of 2024)




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