• 2022-23 Liberty Public School DISTRICT MEAL CHARGE PROCEDURE

    We aim to provide ALL students with access to healthy and affordable school meals. Liberty Public Schools participates in the National School Breakfast and School Lunch Programs. 

    Discounted meals are available for families who meet the federal guidelines published each July,

    We have many payment options for families who pay full price for their school meals. They include an online payment system that will take credit and debit cards, or cash and check payments may be made at all school sites and receiving bill pay for banks to our main office at 801 Kent St, Liberty MO 64157.  

    Liberty Public Schools provides multiple alerts to notify parents/guardians of their student’s account balance to help ensure they have money available to purchase a school breakfast or lunch:

    • Parents may set notifications from SchoolCafe's website or App.
    • Automated telephone calls are made weekly to notify parents of a low balance.
    • E-mails are sent weekly to notify parents of a low balance..

    Students who do not have money on their account or in hand to cover the cost of a meal at the time of service will be permitted to charge a full meal.   Ala carte snacks and beverages may not be charged.   

    When the value of a breakfast meal has been charged, the parent/guardian will be notified of the negative balance:

    • Automated telephone calls are made daily Sunday , Tuesday and Thursday  to notify parents of a negative balance.
    • E-mails are sent weekly to notify parents of a negative balance..

    If charges continue without repayment:

    • Parent/guardian may be contacted by school administration to offer services or assistance as needed.
    • Parent/guardian will be encouraged to submit a Family Education Benefit Application for discounted meals  if one has not been completed during the current school year. 
    • Balances will be sent for collection by an external credit reporting agency.

    Employees are not allowed to charge for meals and must provide payment at the time of service.