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    Liberty Public Schools is taking part in a pilot of the Missouri School Climate and Culture Survey. Results from this survey will be used as part of the school improvement review during the 2023-2024 academic year.  As part of this process, parents are asked to voluntarily answer surveys regarding programs and services available to students. 

    Please take a few minutes to answer the survey using the links provided below that correspond to your student(s) building(s). Responses from all parents will be anonymously summarized and will become part of a report for the school district. The school district will use this report in the development of school improvement efforts.

    Please complete a survey for each individual child in your household that attends Liberty Public Schools. Do not complete one survey for multiple children. The surveys will be processed so that school officials receive reports about each building in the district. The next set of State Surveys will be coming soon!

    The questionnaires contain demographic and opinion questions. You have the option not to respond to any item or not to complete a survey at all. Thank you for your continued support of LPS.

  • PreK / Elementary

    Early Childhood Center

    Alexander Doniphan




    Lewis and Clark

    Liberty Oaks

    Lillian Schumacher

    Manor Hill  


    Shoal Creek

    Warren Hills

  • Middle School

    Discovery Middle School

    Heritage Middle School

    Liberty Middle School

    South Valley Middle School

  • High School

    Liberty High School

    Liberty North High School

    Liberty Academy