• Transfer Request


    2023 - 2024 Transfer Request form

    You may type your response directly into the form and select from our convenient "drop down" fields to choose pre-populated answers. 

    If you choose to print the document and write in your responses by hand, it is important that you ensure all information is included and the writing is legible to ensure no delays.  

    If you have recently enrolled a "New" student, please contact your school of residence and let them know you are planning on submitting a transfer request. You may submit a transfer request to the Student Services department, but please make sure you indicate this is for a "new" student enrollment so that we can ensure processing in a timely manner. 

    • All MSHAA Rules/Regulations apply
    • Parents/guardian(s) are responsible for student transportation to and from School.

         Submission must have been received by  July 1, 2023, in order for the request to have been fully processed before the start of the new 2023 - 2024 school year.

         Transfer requests received after July 1st may not be processed before the start of the 2023 - 2024 school year due to planning requirements and class size. 

                   If approved, it is possible that the transfer would not be able to take place until the following semester in January 2024


    Please submit directly to the Student Services Department.  You may transmit via email Student.Services@lps53.org, fax 816-736-5305 or schedule an appointment by calling 816-736-5310.