1. What calendar does EBLC follow? LPS District Calendar

    2. Hours of Operation-7:00 AM -4:00 PM

    3. What interaction do the high school students have with the preschool students? The Child Growth and Development students prepare labs from their preschool buddy once every week. These students also attend school year field trips. During this time, the high school students work to complete a portfolio that is shared with parents at the end of the school year. Other classes schedule times with the lead teachers. 

    4. What supplies do we need to bring? No actual school supplies. The supply fee paid at the beginning of the year covers everything. Students will be supplied a backpack unless student wants to purchase their own. 

    Families need to provide a change of clothes in case of a mess or accident. This should include socks, underwear, top, and bottom. 

    Families should also provide blanket and pillow for their student. 

    1. Is there a playground? Yes, there is a gated playground to the east of the high school that provides students with activities. 

    2. How do I drop off and pick up my student? This varies from year to year. The lead teacher will inform you at the beginning of the school year with specific instructions. 

    3. Does my child have to be potty trained? Yes. Your student must be independent with toilet training to attend Early Bird Learning Center. 

    4. Do I have to pack lunch? Yes. No meals are provided. 

    5. Do I have to provide a snack? Students are on a rotation when they bring snacks. The teacher will let families know when they should provide snacks for the class. 

    What fees do I have to pay upfront? A enrollment and registration fee.A supply fee that covers most supplies, field trips, EBLC shirt, etc.