Request for Additional Credit

    LPS students can earn 7 credits per school year (3.5 per semester) and 1 credit during summer school. Students wishing to take additional credit outside of the school day are allowed to but will be responsible for enrollment and tuition for the course.  
    Process for additional coursework

    1. Student meets with their counselor to discuss their academic plan
    2. Student provides the name of the agency and the class they plan to take
    3. Counselor will verify that the class will meet graduation requirements
    4. Counselor will verify that the agency is accredited
    5. Student will proceed with enrolling and paying for class
    6. Student will provide an official grade report to the LHS Counseling Office upon completion of the course.
      a. Special note for seniors: Grades must be submitted to the registrar by the day after the seniors last day of attendance in May. 
    7. LHS Registrar will transcribe credit

    Concerning accreditation: 

    • Students are advised to select an agency that is accredited by Cognia or another accrediting agency such as the National Association of Independent Schools
    • Credits will not be accepted from an unaccredited agency or an accreditation LPS does not accept. 

    Possible agencies
    *Please note this is not a complete list. These agencies have the appropriate accreditation, but students are welcome to take courses from other accredited agencies.

    Metropolitan Community College: (Each 3 hour college course is .50 high school credit)
    Mizzou Academy
    Missouri Connections Academy