Audit & Finance Committee

    The Audit & Finance Committee is appointed by the Liberty Public School District Board of Education and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board relating to any matters of audit or financial concern within the operation of the District. The overall responsibility of the Committee consists of performing a comprehensive prospective review of the operations of the District and making recommendations, including, but not limited to, the following: contract awards, financial reports of revenue and expenditures, non-bond capital improvement reports, bond issue capital improvement reports, investment reports, annual budget, long range financial planning objectives, audit reports, and internal control reports.

    Committee members commit to review financial data on a monthly basis and attend meetings typically on Monday evening, 5:30 p.m., the week prior to Board of Education meetings.

    Meetings held by the Audit & Finance Committee are open, public meetings held under the auspices of Missouri Sunshine Law.


    Financial reports are posted each month on BoardDocs and available to staff and the general public by accessing BoardDocs.  Documents may be viewed by selecting the meeting date, then View the Agenda in the center of the screen.  Financial reports are posted for each regular meeting in the section labeled Consent Agenda-Financial.  The Audit & Finance Committee reviews the financial reports prior to Board of Education meetings. These reports include, but are not limited to, budget supplements and transfers, capital expenditures, and operating projections.


    Finance Portal

    The Finance Portal provides public access to all expenditures of Liberty Public Schools.


    Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse

    The link below provides access to a portal for reporting abuse, fraud, or waste for both financial and non-financial circumstances.  The Liberty Public School District encourages employees, parents, students, and the public to report criminal, unethical, and other inappropriate behaviors within the Liberty Public School District that violate the law or School District policy.

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