Reading Award Program For 4th & 5th Grade Readers

    2019-2020 Mark Twain Quizzes
    2019-2020 Mark Twain Nominees + Above and Beyonds

    MT Nominees  

    MT Above and Beyond

     Read 6 MT Nominees by October 26, 2019=10 extra book checkout coupons.
    Read 8 MT Nominees by December 20, 2019=Hot Chocolate Reading Party in January.
    Read 12 MT Nominees by February 28, 2020=Certificate of achievement and pizza party.
    Read 4 nominees by February 28, 2020=Eligible to vote for favorite Mark Twain nominee.

     Read all 12 MT nominees & all 8 Above and Beyond books by March 15, 2020 and you will receive a reading trophy to celebrate your reading accomplishment!