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  • Liberty Public Schools Technology AUP Form


    I have read the Liberty 53 School District Technology Usage policy and procedure and agree to abide by their provisions. I understand that violation of these provisions may result in disciplinary action taken against me including, but not limited to, suspension or revocation of my access to district technology and suspension or expulsion from school. The rules include, but are not limited to:

    • Do not use computers or any other technology to harm other people or their work.
    • Do not damage computers, the network, or other form of technology in any way.
    • Do not interfere with the operation of the network by installing software, shareware, or freeware.
    • Do not violate copyright laws.
    • Do not access, keep, or send material or email that would not be appropriate for teachers or parents to see.
    • Do not share your password with another person or allow anyone else to use your logon.
    • Do not trespass in anyone else's disks, folders, work, files, or email.
    • Do not waste disk/drive space, toner, or paper.
    • Do notify an adult immediately, if by accident, you encounter materials, which violate the rules of appropriate use.
    • Do not store any file that is not school related including music, games, etc. in your H: drive or in any other network storage space.
    • Do logoff when leaving your computer to prevent others from using your logon.
    • Do not use school equipment for any project that is not school related.
    • Use of district technology to threaten or harass another person or to violate any state or federal law could result in prosecution.
    • BE PREPARED to be held accountable for your actions and for the loss of privileges if the Usage Agreement is violated.

    I understand that my use of the district's technology resources is not private and that the school district may monitor my electronic communications and all other use of district technology resources. I consent to district interception of or access to all of my electronic communications using district technology resources as well as downloaded material and all data I store on the district's technology resources, including deleted files, pursuant to state and federal law, even if the district's technology resources are accessed remotely. I understand that this form will be effective for the duration of my attendance in the district unless revoked or changed by the district or me.