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  • Visiting Liberty High School

    Liberty Public Schools continues efforts to ensure our students and staff are safe while at school.  While LPS currently considers our buildings safe with state-of-the-art security systems in place, we are excited to announce that building security has received upgrades at each building site.

    There are several important benefits this new system is expected to provide to our buildings.  They include:

    • An instantaneous sexual offender background check will be run for each and every visitor to our schools. 
    • Visitor badges will be issued for each visitor and will include their picture and where they are visiting.
    • This system will be used to verify who has the authority to pick a child up from school.
    • This system allows those on the LPS No Trespass List to be identified immediately.
    • This system will track volunteers and their time spent in our schools.
    • All visitors must present a government-issued ID as they enter a school facility.  These types of IDs include driver’s license, state-issued identification card, military ID, etc.

    We appreciate your partnership as we continue safety and security upgrades.  As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly, or call our LPS Safety and Security Department at 816.736.7319.

    School Safety Hotline

    (816) 736-7331

    The Liberty Public Schools Safety and Security Division have established a School Safety Hotline for reporting any issues concerning school violence, drugs, and bullying. Please call (816) 736-7331 to report any concerns students or parents would have on these security issues. Messages will be anonymous and will be investigated by the LPS Safety and Security Division in cooperation with the District School Resource Officers.   Student and building safety is our number one priority and we will be as proactive as possible to protect our students, staff, and patrons.

    District - Safe Schools are priority ONE!


  • Contact Us:

    200 Blue Jay Drive, Liberty, MO, 64068

    • Attendance Office: (816) 736-7050 
    • Guidance Office: (816) 736-7046 
    • General Fax: (816) 736-5345 
    • Request for Records Fax: (816) 736-6711 
    • School Hours: 8:10am - 3:15pm (M, T, Th, Fri) 8:10am - 2:15pm (W)

    At Liberty High School:

    We create opportunities for all to pursue their potential and positively influence society.

    We Are Committed To:

    Continuous Improvement

    We Believe:

    • The community defines our culture.
    • Learning is our passion.
    • Empowerment inspires our growth.
    • Accountability guides our actions.
    • Respectful relationships form our foundation.

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