• Preschool Program Overview

    The Early Childhood Center is a developmental preschool which serves to provide early intervention for children ages three to five. The purpose of a developmental program is to allow educational opportunities for children who may exhibit delays in the areas of speech/language, cognitive/pre-academic, social, or motor development. Classroom activities are based on a curriculum framework focusing on development of literacy, math, and socialization skills. Eligibility for the Title I preschool is determined by screening results. The full day preschool program is based on eligibility for the free and reduced priced lunch program. Call 816-736-5324 to schedule a screening appointment .

    Our Title I class size averages 12-16 children with one certified early childhood teacher and one classroom paraprofessional. There are currently six Title I classrooms within the preschool. The classes contain a mix of children ages three to five. Classes meet four days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. School start and end times for the Early Childhood Center are 9:30am-12:30pm and 1:20pm-4:20pm. Transportation is provided through the Liberty School District.  Attendance session is determined by transportation address.

    Our Full Day Early Learning Program classes are supported by one certified teacher and one classroom paraprofessional per classroom. Classes meet five days a week 7:46am-2:46pm, and follow the district calendar (including early release Wednesday's). Students are provided breakfast and lunch. Children in this program are within one year of being eligible to attend kindergarten. In order to participate in this full day program, students must meet eligibility for free and reduced-priced lunch, as well as currently not receiving preschool services through other state programs.  Please click the link below for eligibility guidelines:

    Free and Reduced Lunch Income Guidelines

    Special Education services are provided for children who qualify for assistance based on their Individual Education Program (IEP). There are a variety of early childhood special education professionals such as early childhood special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, to support individual needs of children.

    Teachers stay in regular contact with parents in a variety of ways, such as home visits, parent-teacher conferences, and parent/child activities. During these contacts, information is provided to the parents on their student's progress and/or developmentally appropriate activities are presented for parents and children to complete at home.

    Liberty MO Parents as Teachers Overview

    Liberty MO Parents as Teacher (PaT) is a program designed to strengthen families by increasing parents’ confidence in their ability to support their child’s growth and development as well as improve their parenting skills.  The Liberty Parents as Teachers program offers four main services:

    • Developmental Screenings: Periodic developmental screenings will be available by appointment to help you better understand your child’s development and anticipate your child’s needs.  These screenings will examine your child’s cognitive, language, fine and gross motor, and social development as well as hearing and vision.  After the screening, the educator will share information with you about how you can continue to support your child’s growth and development in these areas.
    • Group Connections: Group Connections are events that are designed to help you gain new insights into your child’s development and behavior, to get to know other parents in our community, and to have fun with your child.  Information about upcoming Group Connection events will be made available on our website.  Information will also be emailed out to families who are enrolled in the Liberty MO PaT program.
    • Resource Network: Our PaT staff will be available to share Knowledge of community programs, agencies and resources that your family may need.
    • Personal home visits: A certified Parent Educator will come to your home by appointment for personal visits for families with children ages birth through three.  Personal visits are designed to individualize the program for you and your child.  During these visits we will partner with you to provide information and activities for you and your child to enjoy.  We will assess your child’s development and find ways for you to support continued growth.  You will receive written material about your child’s development and simple activities that you can do with your child.  You will have the chance to create and achieve goals for you, your child and your family.