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  • Each year, every returning LPS student must have a Health Update Form completed by their parents. This form also gives consent for the nurse to administer Tylenol. If your child will be taking medication other than Tylenol at school, please also complete a Medication Permission Form. If your child has a medical diagnosis of Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures, or a Severe Food Allergy please complete an Action Plan and obtain a physician signature.

  • General Information

    An Apple a Day, may not keep the Flu away….

    Every year the Health Office experiences an increase  in visits during the cold and flu season. The Center for Disease Control recommends anyone over the age of 6 months should get a Flu Vaccine. The Flu spreads mainly from person to persons through coughs and sneezes or by touching an infected object. GOOD Hand washing is a great way to reduce the risk of the Flu. The average number of days a person misses school or work due to the flu is 3.5 days!


    EYE SPY an Eagle….

    Has your student complained of frequent headaches or trouble viewing his or her computer? Has it been awhile since your Eagle has had a Vision exam?  The Liberty North Health Office would be happy to do a vision screening on any student.  The Liberty North Health Office partners with the Lions Club to assist those who may have a financial need. If your student fails an eye exam in the health office, you will receive a referral.   The Lions Club will cover the cost of a Physician’s exam, along with a pair of glasses.  Please contact the Health Office with any questions.


    Show those Pearly Whites…..

    APRIL 22nd and 23rd there will be a FREE Dental clinic during SCHOOL HOURS. Please fill out the paperwork and send  to the nurses office. The guidelines to qualify are very generous, so PLEASE fill out the paperwork if you would like your student to have a teeth cleaning, check for cavities or receive any dental  treatment.

    Paperwork (fill out both)

    Dental Application #1

    Dental Application #2

    This is free to all qualifying students