• LNHS A+ Information

  • A+ Program

    The Liberty 53 School District is a participant in Missouri's A+ Schools Program.  The State Board of Education has designated the Liberty North High School as an A+ school. Students who graduate from a designated A+ high school may qualify for a state-paid financial incentive to attend any public community college or career/technical school in Missouri if the students successfully meet all A+ Program requirements.  Additionally, some Missouri four year colleges and universities offer their own incentives to A+ certified students.

    For more information regarding the A+ Program may be found at http://dhe.mo.gov/ppc/grants/aplusscholarship.ph

  • Citizenship Component

    Expectation – Liberty North High School A+ participants are expected to be good citizens at school and in the community. A student pursuing the A+ incentive must avoid the unlawful use of drugs/alcohol. An A+ student will not sell, possess or use any controlled substance, alcohol or drug paraphernalia as defined by law and stated in the Code of Conduct. The use of prescription medicine is allowed under Board policy and established guidelines. Students and parents are responsible for understanding and following those guidelines.  Students who violate the district’s drug, alcohol and substance abuse policy during the contract time will automatically forfeit A+ tuition reimbursement status.


    • Students who sign a contract for A+ tuition reimbursement status are to maintain good citizenship during the contract period. Good citizenship is defined under the Liberty North High School Student Code of Conduct. Students making A+ application will be subject to the discipline policy and procedures of the Liberty School District. (Special cases outside the contract time involving serious violations will be subject to review).


    Violations of the district’s student discipline policy will be reviewed by the principal/vice-principal and designated committee each semester using the following:

    • Any violation committed by a student under contract, which involves an out-of-school suspension, may be reviewed.
    • Any violations repeatedly committed by a student under contract, which involves poor behavior, disrespect, profanity, dishonesty, etc. may be reviewed.
    • Any student under contract who receives two (2) in-school suspensions in one (1) year may be reviewed.

    Upon review of each individual case, the principal and committee will respond in one of two (2) ways:

    A warning statement will be issued to the student’s parent/guardian placing that student on probation for the next semester at which time no additional referrals can occur.
    Notify the student’s parents/guardians that the student has been removed from the A+ tuition reimbursement program.



    All students wishing to participate in the A+ program must submit a completed A+ participation agreement. If the coordinator determines that a student who has submitted a participation agreement has violated the terms of that agreement or district policies or procedures regarding A+ participation, the coordinator will notify the student in writing and may put the student on probation or expel the student from the program.


    Students may, for good cause, appeal their dismissal. Students/Parents will have 30 days after notification to appeal a decision that is made dealing with citizenship. A written appeal must be submitted to the A+ school coordinator. The coordinator will convene the A+ appeals committee, made up of:

    • The A+ student’s guidance counselor
    • The high school principal or vice-principal
    • Two (2) high school teachers

    The student or the student's parents/guardians may appeal expulsions from this program, in accordance with written district procedures, to the Board of Education or to a committee of Board members appointed by the president of the Board and given the authority to act for the Board. The Board or the Board's committee will hear the student's appeal in closed session and will notify the student of its decision.