• Parking Regulations

    Students are reminded of the following parking regulations for parking on campus at LNHS.  All students and staff must have a parking pass displayed in their vehicles at all times when on campus.  Visitor and staff parking will be in the two lots located directly in front of the building to the left and right as you are facing the building. Student parking will be in the lots to the north and west adjacent to the baseball fields and near the fieldhouse entrance.

    Parking Permit Application

  • LNHS Dress Code


    The Board of Education recognizes the value of allowing individual student expression as well as the necessity of protecting student health and safety and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to education. Student dress code procedures must be designed with the goal of balancing these competing interests.

     All dress code procedures will adhere to health and safety codes and comply with applicable law. Dress that materially disrupts the educational environment will be prohibited. No procedure will impose dress and grooming rules based on gender in violation of Title IX. District procedures will specifically define ambiguous terms, and examples will be provided when practicable.

     The Board of Education expects student dress and grooming to be neat, clean and in good taste, so that each student may share in promoting a positive, healthy and safe atmosphere within the school district.

    Student dress and grooming will be the responsibility of the individual and parents/guardians, within the following guidelines:

    • Dress and grooming will be clean and in keeping with health, sanitary and safety requirements.
    • All students must wear shoes, boots or other types of footwear.
    • Dress and grooming will not disrupt educational environment. This would include excessive “baggy pants”.
    • Printed wording or pictures or clothing advertising or promoting drugs and/or alcohol or that is obscene or profane in interpretation will not be permitted to be worn. Shirts containing any print or image that is derogatory or disrespectful to any race or ethnic group will be prohibited.
    • No head coverings or sunglasses are to be worn in the school building, except for religious observances.
    • Bare midriffs and inappropriate tank tops are not to be worn.
    • Bermuda shorts, dress shorts, coaching shorts or walking shorts will be permitted. Running shorts, gym shorts or any short shorts are not permitted. No pants that have holes in them above the knee will be allowed.
    • Class activities that present a concern for student safety may require the student to adjust hair and/or clothing during the class period, in the interest of maintaining safety standards.
    • Additional dress guidelines may be imposed upon students participating in certain extracurricular or classroom activities.

     When, in the judgment of the principal, a student's appearance or mode of dress does not comply with the above criteria, the student may be required to make modifications. No employee or volunteer shall direct a student to remove an emblem, insignia or garment, including a religious emblem, insignia or garment, as long as it is worn in a manner that does not promote disruptive behavior. Additional requirements may be detailed in building handbooks.



    Any student not abiding by the rules stated above will be dealt with in the following manner.

    • First Offense: Students who wear clothing that is not acceptable according to the policy may be removed from school or class to change clothing or wear provided attire for that day. This absence may be regarded as an unexcused absence from school.
    • Second Offense: Students in violation of the dress and appearance policy may be placed on a 1 to 5-day suspension.
    • Third Offense: Students may be placed on a 6 to 10-day suspension