Looking for a book? Check out the Early Childhood Center Library

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    We Love Books!

    We are pleased to have an ECC Library/Resource Center available to our students and families.

    Students will have the opportunity to come once a week with their class to the library and select a book to take home with them in their backpacks. When those books are returned to school the following week, they will be able to check out a different book to bring home.  Teachers will notify students and parents of their library day and books should be brought back on or before that day.

    While the book is at home, read it with your child. Read it again!  Talk about the pictures. Talk about the story. Keep it in a safe place. Have happy times reading together. 

    If you have special requests for library materials or questions, feel free to call school and ask for Ms. Cindy in the Library.

    (Cindy Phillips, Librarian)