• Schumacher students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Readers Award programs.

    Kindergarten students read the Missouri Building Block books during library specials and vote on their favorite in December.

    First and Second Grade students participate in the Missouri Association of School Librarians Show Me Readers Award.  These students read 10 Show Me Reader nominees with Mrs. Bright and then vote on their favorite book in March.  

    Second- Fourth Graders also have the opportunity to participate in the Greater Kansas City Association of School Librarians' Great Kids Can Read (GKC) Award program.  10 books are nominated each year.  These books are all between a 2nd and 4th grade reading level.  After completing each book, students should come to this website to take a quiz over the book.  After reading at least four books, kids begin earning fun prizes!  Check out the GKC page to learn more!

    Fourth and Fifth Graders are eligible to participate in the Missouri Association of School Librarians' Mark Twain Readers Award.  These chapter books are perfect for kids in 4th-6th grades.  Just like the GKC program, kids who visit the Mark Twain site and take the online quizzes become eligible to earn fun prizes and invitations to parties throughout the year.  

    Check out each program's specific page to learn more!  Be sure to contact Mrs. Bright if you have any questions.